Enjoy the amazing benefits of wearing BJJ GI

Enjoy the amazing benefits of wearing BJJ GI
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Brazilian jiu-jitsu is one of the most intense martial arts. Earlier the art was similar to judo but with time, it came with various techniques, moves, submission, and grappling. These techniques will grow constantly against different people. It has an effective game system created for self-defense. Also, the game teaches calmness and respect for others. 


The game has an immense and incredible workout. It challenges new activities with limitless variation and develops your reasoning skills. The regular gripping of the opponent strengthens the muscles, ligament forearm, and upper arms. 


If you are impressed with the game and want to play on the mat, you need to wear a nicely fitted uniform called GI. It is a traditional uniform that embodies the essence of BJJ. It is worn during training and competition time. Wearing a uniform offers numerous advantages and opportunities to control the opponent. The uniform consists of a jacket, top, and pants. 


As the game involves various gripping, chokehold, joint lock, and throws, the stitching and material used in making these control the opponent. When you are thinking of buying a GI, always go for a well-fitted, comfortable, and strong enough Gi that can handle wear and tear. Wearing GI makes you feel less tired when you go for long matches. Moreover, it keeps you dry, creates friction, and promotes better escape. 


Get the best and most compatible apparel available at Hooks Jiujitsu. We have kimonos that come in various ranges and comfort from lightest to pro light to premium. We tailored Bjj GI with triple-reinforced stitching and no back seam with one-piece construction. The most approachable part of the dress is the collar and neck. We use an EVA foam collar that is free from wear and tear. It is so compatible that you can carry it anywhere without covering much space in your travel bag. All our GIs are IBJJF approved which means you can use it to play all the national matches.


Our store is equipped with an extensive range of BJJ GI, rash guards, kimonos, apparel, and accessories that suit beginners and competitors. We started our journey in 2016 to produce high-quality equipment and apparel. We reached all our products to you after an extensive period of testing and refining. 


If you run your jiu-jitsu academy, contact us to get the whole pricing for all kinds of apparel.

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