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07 September 2023

The European Research Council (ERC) is renowned for its commitment to advancing groundbreaking research across diverse fields.

Yet, the path to securing an ERC grant, from understanding the ERC application deadline to crafting a compelling proposal, can be daunting.

Understanding ERC Support

1. ERC Application Deadline Awareness

Timely Reminders: ERC support provides crucial reminders of upcoming deadlines. Missing an ERC deadline can be a setback that delays your research funding journey.

erc support

2. Navigating Proposal Preparation

Guidance on Proposal Development: ERC support offers insights into what makes a winning proposal.

ERC Specialist Support: Navigating the Grant Application Maze

ERC Specialists Support is a vital resource for researchers aiming to secure funding from the European Research Council. Whether it’s refining project concepts or ensuring adherence to ERC deadlines, ERC Specialist Support plays a pivotal role in empowering researchers on their journey to groundbreaking discoveries.

This includes emphasizing innovation, building a strong research team, and budgeting effectively, all of which can help you stand out in the highly competitive landscape.

Detailed Guidelines: ERC support offers access to comprehensive guidelines for each grant type (Starting, Consolidator, Advanced, and Synergy). Understanding these guidelines is essential for a successful application.

Team Building Assistance: ERC recognizes the importance of the research team. ERC support can help you identify potential collaborators and navigate the process of assembling a multidisciplinary team.

Key takeaway: Leveraging ERC support during the proposal preparation phase can significantly enhance your chances of success.

3. Technical Assistance

Formatting and Submission Guidance: ERC has specific formatting and submission requirements. ERC support can provide technical assistance to ensure your proposal complies with these guidelines.

Proofreading and Editing: ERC support can connect you with experts who can proofread and edit your proposal to ensure it is error-free and professionally presented.

Key takeaway: Technical excellence is crucial, and ERC support can help you achieve it.

4. Feedback and Resubmission

Assessment Feedback: If your proposal is not successful in the initial round, ERC provides valuable feedback. ERC support can help you interpret this feedback and guide you in making necessary improvements for resubmission.

Key takeaway: The feedback loop offered by ERC support can be a turning point in your journey to secure funding.


Navigating the ERC application deadline and the entire proposal submission process can be overwhelming.

However, with the support and resources provided by ERC, you can approach this journey with confidence.

From deadline reminders to detailed proposal development guidance, technical assistance, and feedback on assessments, ERC support is a valuable partner in your quest for research funding.

Keep in mind that ERC prioritizes scientific excellence, so use this support wisely to ensure that your proposal reflects your unwavering dedication to advancing knowledge in your field.

Embrace ERC support, and you’ll be well-prepared to meet the ERC deadline with confidence, knowing that you have a strong ally on your side throughout your research funding journey.

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