Essay and Research Paper Writing: What are the Similarities?

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When it comes to academics, students are required to put a lot of effort into recurring exams and daily assignments like writing essays and research papers. In this post, we will look into essay and research paper writing and see what similarities they share. We will also see how research paper writing help from professionals can make your job easier.


Both essays and research papers start with an introduction, contain a body made of paragraphs, and end with a conclusion. Both need a thesis statement, which gives the readers an idea of what to expect from your text, even before going too deep into it. Thesis statements are generally put at the beginning of the paper in order to ensure that readers know what the text is about. Research paper writing help can enable youtube to come up with a suitable thesis statement that fits your topic.


Essays and research papers both require some research, but the amount varies drastically. Research papers will require the student to perform in-depth research. This research can be challenging, but it gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge, allows you to learn about different perspectives on the same topic, builds credibility, helps you reach more people, and also fosters critical thinking and analytical skills.

An important part of essay and research paper writing is citing sources. Writing an essay requires you to credit the source of the idea. While research papers require to cite several sources in order to keep the information credible and devoid of any plagiarism. It is suggested that you choose only credible sources to cite and even get help from professional essay writing services for writing appropriate citations.


Some creativity is needed to write down the information you have collected in order to create an interesting and cohesive piece of writing. Professional essay writing services can help students help with the creativity part.

Critical Thinking

The ability to evaluate a topic on multiple levels using certain skills like reflection, analysis, and comparison is called critical thinking. Both essay and research paper writing requires students to synthesize material and draw conclusions, though in different ways. In essays, you may use critical thinking to determine how an experience helped you change or mature. While in a research paper, you may need to bring the perspectives of various authors into your discussion as a support for your major points.

Crafting the Main Idea

As mentioned before, the thesis statement plays a critical role in both types of writing, but in different locations. An expository essay mostly places the thesis at the end of the first paragraph while a narrative essay tells the story first and then makes a concise statement about the significance of a particular experience or event. On the other hand, a research paper's thesis always appears at the end of the first or second paragraph. It clearly states what you intend to prove and what the main points are that you will use to do so.

Final Thoughts

Students' life can be overwhelming sometimes as they have to deal with plenty of written assignments and tests. There is a constant struggle with writing assignments. Research paper writing is even more challenging. However, getting professional help from assignment writing services can make your work a lot easier and help you earn better grades.

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