Exploring Solana Blockchain Development for Enterprises

Exploring Solana Blockchain Development for Enterprises
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The Solana Foundation has introduced Solana Permissioned Environments, or SPEs, for the Solana protocol. These are customizable Solana Virtual Machine private instances for enterprises. This move encourages enterprises to take up Solana blockchain development services. Several high-profile brands like Google and Visa are choosing Solana for their blockchain platform. This article explores various features and benefits of utilizing the Solana blockchain development for enterprises.

Solana Development for Enterprises

Solana, known for its high throughput and low transaction costs, offers enterprises a robust blockchain solution ideal for scalability and efficiency. Because of its quick transaction times, it can be used for a range of enterprise-level applications.

Solana development solutions for enterprises also offer a permissioned environment with a controlled and secure ecosystem for their blockchain operations. This environment ensures that access and participation within the network are regulated.

Solana Permissioned Environments (SPEs)

Solana Permissioned Environments blend Solana’s robust blockchain tech with customizable solutions for large-scale enterprises. Use of internal infrastructure or business partnership networks is made possible by the Solana Virtual Machine under certain permissions.

Enterprises hold the highest authority within SEPs, granting them autonomy and independence from the Solana mainnet-beta. This authority allows them to navigate their operations, protocols, and networks without direct reliance on the mainnet-beta infrastructure.

SPE Features for Enterprises

Here are the features of the Solana Permissioned Environments for enterprises:


The high throughput, parallelization, quick settlement, affordability, and environmental efficiency of Solana are advantageous to businesses utilising SPEs.

Tech Stack

Within SPEs, businesses have access to innovative tools available in the wider Solana network. These tools include features such as state compression, Solidity language support via Solang, and a new token standard tailored for enterprise use. Access to these tools within SPEs ensures potential benefits like cost savings and compatibility with Solana’s ecosystem for enterprise applications.


Token22, the latest token standard on Solana, introduces advanced capabilities such as confidential transactions for privacy and transfer hooks to enhance regulatory compliance. These new standards offer intricate functionalities without compromising security or scalability.

Customized Environment

Enterprises can develop directly to their custom needs. They can create a geofenced node network and ensure specific regulatory compliance.

Solana Solutions Toolkit

Solana blockchain development for enterprises also features the Solana solutions toolkit that comprises different tools and solutions tailored for various functionalities within the Solana ecosystem. Here are the Solana solutions toolkit:

Loyalty Programs

The Solana solution toolkit offers various tools to enhance the Solana ecosystem, including Buddylink’s Referrals for streamlined referral programs, Metaplex’s Gumdrop for loyalty programs with NFT utilization, and a tool for compressing NFTs without reducing quality. Together, these tools optimize loyalty initiatives within the Solana network.

Private Networks

The Solana ecosystem offers solutions catering to private networks and ensures confidentiality and control. This includes Token22’s native privacy support, zero-knowledge networks, and permissioned Solana environments.

User Management

Solana ecosystem offers diverse options for account management and authentication, including Web3Auth. Solana provides robust protocols like SPL/governance, Realms, and Squads to ensure transparent decision-making and management within the ecosystem.


Solana provides solutions onramps and offramps to simplify the process of converting fiat to crypto. Solana Pay also offers seamless payment processing.

How Brands Are Utilizing Solana Development Solutions

Explore how big brands are using Solana development solutions:

Google Cloud

Google Cloud seamlessly integrated Solana into BigQuery, its data analytics service, expanding support to its 20th blockchain network. BigQuery, known for its machine learning, artificial intelligence, and business intelligence capabilities, allows users to access and query detailed Solana-based data. This integration empowers developers, enterprises, and individuals to gain insights into transactions, NFT minting, wallet activities, and other Solana-specific information.


ASICS, a prominent athletic shoe brand, ventured into the world of web3 by launching a loyalty program on Solana in November 2022. With this program, ASICS aimed to transform loyalty programs by leveraging Solana’s blockchain technology.

The initiative incorporated Solana Pay to pair physical shoes with NFT loyalty badges on the blockchain. This move allowed customers to have ownership of their loyalty badges.


Shopify integrated Solana through Solana Pay, an open-source payments protocol built on the decentralized Solana network. This integration allows businesses using Shopify to access Solana’s features to facilitate direct settlement of USD stablecoins.

Through Solana Pay, Shopify merchants can enable immediate payment settlements and offer their customers the convenience of digital dollar currencies. The brand tapped into Solana’s web3-enabled commerce experiences like NFT-based loyalty programs and token-gated offers.


Solana’s tailored environments, scalability, and advanced privacy features make it an optimal choice for enterprises seeking cutting-edge blockchain solutions. Our team specializes in harnessing the power of Solana blockchain development solutions for enterprises. We ensure your business can leverage its unique advantages for tailored, secure, and scalable solutions.

If you’re interested in developing on the Solana blockchain, we’re here to guide and support your journey. Get in touch with us to hire Solana developers today.

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