Exploring the Features of Popular Online HTML to PDF Converters

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22 September 2023

HTML is the core structure behind websites, but sharing it in a way that's both easy to transport and view can be tough without the right tools. Simply saving the webpage as it is might cause the loss of vital aspects such as formatting, fonts, links, and graphics.

The solution: online HTML to PDF converters
There's a way to save web pages while keeping their structure intact, thanks to online HTML to PDF converters. These tools are user-friendly and can transform a web page into a PDF in just a few clicks. This functionality makes them invaluable for anyone who wants to save HTML documents for offline review.

Features of popular online HTML to PDF converters

While many HTML to PDF converters are accessible online, they're not all created equal. The most popular and effective ones typically include features that make them standout tools for transforming web pages into PDFs. These features can vary, but the common ones contribute to their ease of use and efficiency in preserving the original appearance of the web page.

No installation required

Most converters require installation on your device to work. However, some come as a Zip archive and don’t require installation. This way, you don’t have to worry about copying unwanted files to your computer, and no changes will occur on your device without your knowledge.

Works on all Windows computers

The online HTML-to-PDF converter works on all Windows versions from XP and Server 2003. Likewise, the same library version should work on 32- and 64-bit machines.

No external dependencies

The converter won’t require any browsers, specialized viewers, printer drivers, or other third-party software. Plus, it supports direct copy deployment, meaning it can be copied on the server. You can integrate the library in the target applications for .NET Framework and .NET Core.

Do more with one converter.

The best online HTML to PDF converters can also create high-quality transparent PNG images and SVG vector images. Moreover, they allow more control over the conversion process, such as manually triggering the conversion with the JavaScript method, controlling page breaks with page-break CSS attributes, and altering the rendered layout for printing or screen viewing by applying CSS @media rules.

Try converting your HTML documents to PDF online!

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