Exploring the Treasures of Egypt, Jordan, and Israel: An Unforgettable 30-Day Journey with Adventures Abroad !TOURCODE: EG11

Exploring the Treasures of Egypt, Jordan, and Israel: An Unforgettable 30-Day Journey with Adventures Abroad !TOURCODE: EG11
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Jewish, Roman, Islamic, Byzantine sites; Jerusalem: Old City tour; Jerash, huge Roman site; Two full days at ancient 'Rose Red City' of Petra; Spectacular Wadi Rum; Vibrant Tel Aviv; Historic Nazareth; The Great Pyramids & Sphinx; Museum of Egyptian Antiquities; Massive Karnak Temple; Donkey cart trek into Valley of the Kings; Camel trek to San Simeon Monastery

Embark on a remarkable 30-day odyssey through the captivating lands of Egypt, Jordan, and Israel with Adventures Abroad . This meticulously curated tour, coded as EG11, is designed to immerse you in the rich historical tapestry of these three ancient civilizations.

Egypt: Unveiling the Ancient Mysteries

Your journey commences in Egypt, a land steeped in myth and history. Discover the awe-inspiring pyramids and the enigmatic Sphinx, symbols of an advanced civilization. Roam through the corridors of the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, where relics from a bygone era come to life.

Marvel at the grandeur of the Massive Karnak Temple, a testament to devotion and architectural mastery. Venture into the Valley of the Kings, tracing the footsteps of pharaohs through a unique donkey cart trek. Absorb the stories whispered by the wind as you camel trek to San Simeon Monastery.

Jordan: From Ancient Ruins to Rose-Red Beauty

Crossing into Jordan, you'll explore the remarkable city of Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spend two full days unraveling its secrets, from the intricate facades carved into rose-red cliffs to its mystical tombs.

Experience the magic of the Wadi Rum desert, a stunning landscape known as the "Valley of the Moon." From the vibrant capital city of Amman to the archaeological marvels of Jerash, you'll trace the footsteps of ancient civilizations.

Israel: From Historic Jerusalem to Vibrant Tel Aviv

Jerusalem, a city revered by three major religions, welcomes you with its old city tour, revealing layers of history and spirituality. Explore vibrant Tel Aviv and immerse yourself in the diverse cultural tapestry of this modern metropolis.

Indulge in the serenity of the Dead Sea, a natural wonder where you'll float effortlessly. Stand in awe before the mighty Masada fortress, a testament to human resilience. Traverse to historic Nazareth and touch the roots of Christianity.

A Journey of Discovery and Connection

Throughout this 30-day expedition, you'll be part of a small group, fostering connections with fellow travelers who share your curiosity and passion. With knowledgeable guides leading the way, you'll dive deep into the heart of each destination, unraveling stories that span centuries.

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