Express Name Card Printing vs. Traditional Printing: Pros and Cons

Express Name Card Printing vs. Traditional Printing: Pros and Cons
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Business cards or name cards are an essential tool for networking and making a lasting impression. However, with the rise of digital networking, the importance of physical business cards may be overlooked. Still, it is undeniable that business cards can convey professionalism and provide an opportunity to showcase your brand. In recent years, express name card printing agency have emerged, offering fast and convenient printing services. But how do these compare to traditional printing methods? Let's explore.

Express Name Card Printing vs. Traditional Printing: Pros and Cons

Express Name Card Printing


  1.   Fast Turnaround Time: As the name suggests, express name card printing agencies offer fast turnaround times, with some even offering same-day printing services.
  2.   Convenient: Express name card printing agencies typically have online ordering systems, making it easy and convenient to place orders from anywhere.
  3.   Affordable: Due to their streamlined processes, express name card printing agencies often offer competitive pricing.


  1.   Limited Customization: Express name card printing agencies may have limited customization options, such as paper stock and finishes.
  2.   Quality: In some cases, the fast turnaround time may result in lower quality prints, which may not be suitable for high-end brands.

Offset printing

Offset printing is a popular traditional printing method used for high-quality, large volume prints. An offset printing company in Singapore typically uses this method to produce name cards that are crisp, vibrant, and long-lasting.

Tips for offset printing:

  1.   Choose high-quality paper stock to enhance the overall look and feel of the card.
  2.   Consider a matte or glossy finish to impart a sense of sophistication.
  3.   Use full-color printing to make the card stand out.

Traditional Printing


  1.   High Quality: Traditional printing methods, such as offset printing, often produce higher quality prints with a more extensive range of customization options.
  2.   Versatile: Traditional printing methods can print on a variety of paper stocks, finishes, and sizes, allowing for greater customization and creativity.
  3.   Large Quantity Printing: Traditional printing methods are more suitable for large quantity printing.


  1.   Longer Turnaround Time: Traditional printing methods typically have longer turnaround times, which may not be suitable for time-sensitive projects.
  2.   Higher Cost: Traditional printing methods are often more expensive due to the more extensive processes involved.


When it comes to printing name cards, both express name card printing and traditional printing methods have their pros and cons. Finally, it is determined by the particular requirements of your project. For fast and convenient printing services, an express name card printing agency may be suitable. Still, for high-end brands or large quantity printing, traditional printing methods such as offset printing offer higher quality and more extensive customization options. For the best results, choose a reputable company like EZ Print.

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