Fashion Editorial: Your Path to Magazine Stardom

Fashion Editorial: Your Path to Magazine Stardom
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20 September 2023

In an era of self-publishing, making a mark in the glossy pages of fashion magazines remains a coveted feat. If you're a photographer, stylist, or an emerging brand yearning for recognition, this guide is your passport to success. Here, we dissect the intricate art of fashion editorials and provide insights from three top professionals in the field.

1. Marco Barbaro: The Power of Networking

Background: Marco Barbaro is a renowned fashion and celebrity photographer with an impressive portfolio, including publications in Playboy, Vanity Fair, and more.

Networking Wisdom: In the fashion industry, personal initiative is paramount. Engage in public relations, reach out, and don't be discouraged by initial rejections. Building a network is crucial. Attend fashion shows and events to connect with press offices. Remember, collaboration often leads to remarkable opportunities.

Pitching to Magazines: Consider using the "pull letter" strategy. Create a mood board detailing the project's concept, including garments, models, locations, and mood. Present this to magazines, and if they like your team and concept, they may commission the editorial. Start with independent magazines aligned with your vision.

Why Shoot Editorials: Editorials offer visibility, a platform for creativity, and a chance to collaborate with diverse creative teams. Perseverance is key in this industry.

2. Author: Crafting Editorial Masterpieces

Background: An author with expertise in visual arts, she has worked with brands like Sara Giunti and achieved international publications.

Crafting Impactful Editorials: An editorial should convey a message, not merely produce images for social media. Begin with a clear concept and research. Create a mood board to visualize the atmosphere and style of your shoot. Choose magazines that align with your vision.

Selecting Brands and Models: Be open to emerging brands, as they often bring innovative and creative perspectives. When it comes to models, agencies provide reliability. Don't chase social media followers; focus on suitability for the narrative.

Magazine Preferences: International magazines like Elegant Magazine and L'Officiel are open to new proposals. Persistence and politeness go a long way when reaching out to magazines.

3. Adele Tessitore: The Stylist's Touch

Background: Adele Tessitore is a stylist, fashion stylist, and art director with an impressive resume, including work for brands like Silvian Heach and Lizalù.

Creating Captivating Looks: Outfits are pivotal in fashion editorials. Start with thorough research to find brands aligning with your vision. Seek trends but strive to subvert and innovate within the guidelines.

Collaborating with Emerging Brands: Emerging talents often bring fresh, unconventional creativity. Don't hesitate to collaborate with them.

Aspiring Stylists: Build relationships with established photographers and learn from their experiences. Offer to assist seasoned stylists and seize every opportunity to learn and grow.


The path to magazine stardom is paved with dedication, creativity, and networking. Whether you're a photographer, stylist, or emerging brand, understanding the industry, crafting compelling narratives, and engaging with the right magazines and professionals are keys to your success. Remember, in this competitive realm, perseverance is your greatest ally. So, embrace the challenge and make your mark in the fashion editorial world.

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