Favorite Food: How Does Kim Kardashian Keep It Up?

Favorite Food: How Does Kim Kardashian Keep It Up?
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18 October 2022


With their hourglass figures and understated design sense, the Kardashian family, led by Kim Kardashian, has contributed to shaping American beauty standards this decade. The famous lifestyle is appealing, despite the somewhat nightmare nature of eating like a Kardashian. What sort of food does one of the most well-known women in the world consume? 

For someone who is practically a walking version of the human condition, Kim Kardashian's favorite food may come as a surprise. Although she seemingly always has the best snacks around and can't seem to get enough of them (we're guessing it's because they never show up on her waistline), there is one food that she craves more than any other.

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So, what is Kim Kardashian’s favorite food?

We used Kim's 2016 meal plan to compile a list of the foods and recipes she loves the most. Kim, an adherent of the Atkins diet, consumes a lot of eggs, poultry, and fatty fish, as well as hummus, fruits, veggies, and a dark chocolate trail mix, which are all common healthy snacks.

But Kim indulges occasionally, just like the rest of us. She likes McDonald's French fries, doughnuts, and hamburgers when she consumes fast food. Kim has some cooking skills as well; she frequently makes a delicious macaroni and cheese dish and a nutritious smoothie for the morning.

  • She has a hearty appetite when she wakes up in the morning and snacks around 9:00 am. Considering that she has just woken up, Kim’s favorite breakfast foods are grapefruit and chocolate-chip cookies. Later on, she will have a fruit salad for lunch and fish or grilled chicken for dinner. If she is hit by a midday slump, Kim has a bowl of fresh mixed berries with a scoop of low-fat vanilla ice cream.
  • If you guessed cheese, then you win! That's right, one of Kim Kardashian's favorite foods is string cheese. We know that cheese sounds like simple and boring food, so why is she so into it? Well, it turns out that Kim loves the taste of cheese. We know that sounds obvious, but we didn't even think about it until someone asked her this question. It doesn't matter if it's feta or mozzarella, Kim loves cheese!
  • Kim loves eating donuts, but she knows it may not be the healthiest choice for her diet. For that reason, she limits her intake of donuts and opts for healthier options like green juices and sandwiches with fresh veggies.
  • Her favorite beverages include orange juice, tomato juice, and iced-green tea. This year, according to her blog, she is trying to cut down on caffeine and sugar intake to keep her figure trim and fit, so she has been drinking a lot of iced green tea instead of coffee.
  • Kim is also a big fan of peanut butter. This can be seen by the fact that she posts to her blog about her latest dip habit. She has been known to dip into the tub of jam with some sticky rice in it, as well as put some peanut butter on a whole wheat English muffin and then wrap it up for lunchtime.
  • In terms of dinner, she says she likes to eat a lot of grilled chicken and turkey burgers with a side order of mixed greens, fresh fruit, and kiwi. Sometimes, she will mix it up with a few lovely pieces of sushi.
  • Kim started her diet in February 2004, when she decided to pursue a career in modeling. She started eating light and healthy recipes and took regular workouts at the gym. Kim said she felt tired and uncomfortable, so she stopped the diet. However, in 2009 she again tried to lose weight by sticking to a low-carb diet of grilled chicken and fish.

This is all about Kim Kardashian’s favorite food. Moreover, the Kardashian-Jenner sisters have disclosed their go-to orders at well-known fast-food restaurants over the years, and you might be surprised by them. In February 2020, Kylie Jenner admitted to Harper's Bazaar that she "had to eat In-and-Out at least once a week" while she was pregnant with Stormi. Additionally, Kim Kardashian has been seen buying food from fast food restaurants like KFC and McDonald's. We hope this blog was informative and helped you to explore more about Kardashian Food. However, you can play Town Games online for more fun and entertainment. 


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