Fight Cancer With Preventive Oncology

Fight Cancer With Preventive Oncology
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Preventive oncology means to prevent cancer at an early stage or stop the growth rate of malignant immediately. Preventable cancers are those that are treatable and can be cured easily. These types of cancer are sometimes detected before the cancerous stage, so it is easy to eliminate the tumor at an affordable cost.
In India cancer treatment facility is limited. Hence, avoid the burden of cancer with the guidance of preventive oncology in Siliguri. Our country mainly suffers from breast cancer, oral cancer, and cervical cancer- all of these are preventable. Proper screening and build-up awareness can control the epidemic. Three important measures will be taken to prevent cancer, which include:

Primary Cancer Prevention

The primary aim of cancer prevention is to identify the variable factors that increase the chance of cancer and decrease those risks. These include quitting tobacco, getting vaccinated, maintaining a healthy weight, nutrient diet chart, limiting alcohol, etc. 

Secondary Cancer Prevention

The goal of secondary cancer prevention is to find out about cancer early even before it appears. This is the right time to treat and cure cancer completely from you. In such cases, screening is the best option, which gets successful treatment results. 

Tertiary Cancer Prevention

While the symptoms are in an advanced stage, tertiary cancer prevention will work to slow the progress of the tumor and decrease the pain of symptoms. It works on secondary malignancies.

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The foremost part of preventive oncology is to create awareness in the public. After that, screening can help to diagnose cancer before it appears. The three most common cancer screening are mentioned below:

Cervical Cancer Screening

Cervical cancer is the most common cause of death for women in low-income countries. Human papillomavirus is responsible for this cancer. Vaccination and proper screening can prevent cervical cancer. Screening can identify precancerous lesions and early stages of cancer.
Early identification of lesions can treat cervical cancer and make successful results. HPV test, VIA, and pap smear test are used for screening. Women who are between the ages of 25 to 65 years are eligible for screening. If the screening releases positive results you should go for a colposcopy for further detection.

Breast Cancer Screening

While malignant cells are formed in the breast tissue a lump is created. Breast cancer screening is done with the help of the following process:

  • Self-breast examination is the first step of screening. If you find out lump or changes in your breast complexion it may be a sign of cancer. In such a situation, consult an oncologist immediately. Visit preventive oncology OPD on any day and learn about self-breast examination.
  • Your oncologist then carefully examines physically the type of lump at your breast and under your arm portion. 
  • Mammography is an X-ray that presents the image of a tumor in your breast.

Primary Cancer Prevention

Oral Cancer Screening

You can do oral cancer screening or visit a healthcare provider for this reason to detect OPMLs. In this test, you should notice oral lesions, oral cavities anywhere in the mouth, leukoplakia, erythroplakia, non-healed ulcer, inability to open mouth, etc.  Mucouse of lesions may get cancerous over time. Thus, preventive oncology in Siliguri is a great option that can protect your life from cancer. 

The disease ‘cancer’ is another name of worry as people don’t have the idea that it is curable and preventable because of early screening. The scenario of cancer is increasing day by day, so rely on preventive oncology departments from today to make our society cancer-free.

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