Find values of arithmetic operations using hex calculators

Find values of arithmetic operations using hex calculators
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Here are the basic arithmetic operations that you use in  hex calculators of hexadecimal and decimal numbers and how to convert hexadecimal numbers to decimal numbers. The steps are as follows:

Addition of Hexadecimal numbers

  • Take any two hexadecimal numbers
  • Write those numbers one after the other on different lines
  • Start addition from the rightmost digits
  • If the number is in the form of an alphabet, then convert it to the number and perform the addition operation.
  • After addition, convert it to the hexadecimal number
  • Write the carry on the top of the first's number digit and the sum on the bottom of the second number's added digit
  • Continue the process until you are left with nothing on the left side.

Subtraction of Hexadecimal numbers

  • Write the given two numbers in different lines, one after the other.
  • Start the subtraction process from the rightmost digits of the numbers.
  • Convert the alphabet into decimal numbers, perform subtraction operations, and convert the obtained decimal number to hex.
  • If the first number digit is smaller than the second number digit, then borrow from the next digit, that is, the left side digit.
  • The borrowed value is 16 because the base is 16 here. Add borrowed value and the first number digit and subtract the result from the second number digit.
  • Borrow value on the top of the first number digit.
  • The next digit of the first number will become (digit - 1).
  • Repeat the procedure until you are left with nothing on the left side.

Multiplication of Hexadecimal 

  • Multiply rightmost digits of the second number with all the digits of the first number. 
  • Convert alphabets into numbers and perform the multiplication operation. Again reconvert the result to hexadecimal.
  • If the multiplication output has two numbers, consider the rightmost number as the sum and the left number as the carry.
  • Write carry on the top of the next digit and add it to the next digit multiplication answer.
  • Write the answers of the second number and second digit below the answers of the first digit and place 0 at the first value.
  • Repeat this till you are left with nothing on the left side.
  • Perform the addition operation of all digits of second number multiplication values to get the final result.

Division of Hexadecimal number 

  • Take dividend and divisor values.
  • When multiplied by the divisor, find out which number gives the exact dividend value or the value near the dividend.
  • Subtract the dividend from the obtained values.
  • Write quotient as the output.
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