Five Effective Home Remedies to Get Relief from Tennis Elbow

Five Effective Home Remedies to Get Relief from Tennis Elbow
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Tennis elbow can cause pain and discomfort in the elbow and forearm. While medical treatment may be necessary for severe cases, effective home remedies can also help relieve the pain. Here are some of the most effective home remedies for tennis elbow pain relief:

Ice and Heat Therapy:

How to Perform: Ice and Heat Therapy is one of the most basic home-remedy solutions for tennis elbow. Rub ice on the affected area for 20 minutes, then heat it properly for another 20 minutes. This will lead to blood vessels narrowing while icing and dilating during the heat.

Why Choose: Ice and heat therapy provides much-needed pain relief in the tennis elbow. Moreover, it can help to reduce swelling.

Ultrasound Technology-Based Devices:

How to Perform: An elbow wand, based on advanced ultrasound technology, is one of the best home remedies for tennis elbow. Massaging with this innovative wand for 20 minutes daily provides effective results within some weeks. Moreover, it is very light to carry around.

Why Choose: This innovative device emits far-infrared and ultrasonic radiations beneath the skin to reduce pain and tendon inflammation. Furthermore, it requires no involvement of any health expert.

Chiropractic Therapy:

How to Perform: Chiropractic therapy is a traditional therapy that involves massage on the affected area with the hands. Unlike other massages, which anyone can perform, Chiropractic therapy requires a chiropractor (experienced and skilled person).

Why Choose: A chiropractor massages the affected area, which can reduce elbow pain and swelling.

Stretching and strengthening exercises:

How to Perform: Stretching and strengthening exercises are one of the primary natural treatments for tennis elbow. Wrist extension stretch, wrist flexion stretches, forearm supination, and wrist curls are some of the most effective exercises to treat tennis elbow.

Why Choose: After doing a cardio workout daily, prefer doing elbow stretching and strengthening exercises. These exercises can help to reduce inflammation and elbow pain. Consider taking guidance from a physical therapist if you have difficulty doing this.


How to Consume: Besides turmeric's use in cooking amazing dishes, it has some superior health benefits. You can add turmeric to your diet or take turmeric supplements. Mix natural oil and turmeric to make a turmeric paste to apply to the affected area.

Why Choose: Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce the swelling and inflammation of the tennis elbow.


By combining these home remedies, you can effectively manage and alleviate the pain associated with tennis elbow. When experiencing any tennis elbow symptoms, consider these home remedies for tennis elbow to treat naturally. In case of severe pain, you can take your doctor's advice. Buy Now! 


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