Five Effective Tips To Generate Attention For Your Business With Custom Paper Cigarette Packs

Five Effective Tips To Generate Attention For Your Business With Custom Paper Cigarette Packs

The demand for blank cigarette boxes wholesale keeps the tobacco industry on the go. The more the craze, the more the need for customized packages. Cigarette packaging is a must for shipping, stacking, and displaying purposes. Cigarettes without boxes are of no value.

Welcome to the customization hub of iCustomBoxes. And upgrade your brand positioning with the following tips.

Use Of Ecological Friendly Material

Enjoy the addictive sessions and pack the cylindrical wraps in custom paper cigarette boxes. Do you want to puff with swag? We have an exciting range of designs, themes, and fonts. We maintain a perfect harmony between functionality and sustainability.

Our experts at iCustomBoxes prefer to use eco-friendly paper (cardboard/kraft). Both are recyclable and perfect for shipping purposes. Indeed they are phenomenal. Most brands misunderstand that paper material doesn't offer variation. But if you explore our design library, you will fall head over heels for our creativity.

Although the smoking culture is here to stay, not at the expense of earth damage, we encourage using safe materials. It's the first step toward environmental conservation. Focusing on long-term sustainability solutions is important due to the ever-increasing demand for cigarettes. Happy smokers, Happy planet.


Maximize The Customization Margin

Top cigarette brands are reigning in the tobacco industry like a boss. They are pretty famous for their signature colour, logo, and designs. Thus it distinguishes them in the billion-dollar market. And the customers are obsessed with them for the following reasons.

  • High-quality cigarettes along with top-notch packaging
  • Perfectly slides into the wallet, pocket, and bag
  • Branded cigarettes are the pinnacle of class
  • Customized cigarette packs shine bright on tobacco dispensaries, cigarette shops, and tradeshows.
  • Custom boxes create a strong magnetic aura around the smokers and coax them to purchase

Explore The Branding Potential Of Paper Cigarette Packs

Are you a fan of custom blank cigarette boxes with logos? Bravo! You are in the right spot. iCustomBoxes is a game-changer custom box supplier for all the good reasons. We have flipped the dynamics of packaging with incredible perks.

Get your hands on customized cigarette boxes now!

  • It prevents the cigarettes from getting stale and soggy (maximum protection)
  • Protects the cylindrical shape of the ciggy-no pressing or crushing
  • It holds the cigarettes together in one place ( no dancing cigs)
  • A prominent logo helps smokers to relate and connect with your brand

In a nutshell, our boxes are multifunctional, providing protection, promotion, and sophistication under one roof. Foil stamp the logo and turn the boxes into a walking advertisement. The coolest part? It is cost-effective! Get your hands on paper cigarette boxes for sale.

Print Relevant Product Information

Cigarette boxes wholesale are a double edge sword. However, the customized packaging guarantees 100% protection from the smoke wraps. But at the same time, educating smokers about the potential damages of smoking cigarettes is crucial.

Printing authentic and relevant product details favours the brands and the customers. Therefore incorporate the following.

  • Smoking seriously harms the dear ones around you
  • It can cause a slow and a painful death
  • Smoking kills
  • It causes emphysema, heart disease, and lung cancer
  • And may also complicate the pregnancy

The show isn't over yet. Apart from the warning description, the images are also equally important. When the customers pick the pack, the disturbing graphics gives shivers down their spine. And it is a fantastic way of warning against the potential harm of smoking cigarettes.

Boost Your Brand Personality With The Signature Color Palette

Have you ever keenly noticed the Marlboro packaging? What do you see? The first thing that hits the retina is the red, white, and gold-coloured packaging. 

It signifies a particular brand Marlboro. The special heraldic symbol and the colour combo are strongly linked with the brand. Thus, it deters rivals from plagiarizing your creativity.

Interestingly custom blank cigarette boxes are one of a kind. It holds class and style of its own. And brands need not go over the board to prove their aesthetic skills. Even blank boxes are good to go. But only if the customization is done right! Or your brand is a disaster.

We at iCustomBoxes have a lot to offer to our esteemed clients. Whether you are a sucker for blank or custom-printed designs, you can count on our genius experts. You imagine, and we make things happen. We won't budge an inch away on printing techniques, paper material, and box styles. Our printing methods are the best for adding vibrancy, shine, depth, and a protective layer to the boxes.

  • Spot UV
  • Aqueous coating
  • Matte/gloss lamination
  • Debossing
  • Embossing
  • Foil stamping

Are you still stuck? Grab our paper cigarette boxes for sale and ace the branding at a pocket-friendly rate.


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