Free ICSE Class 7 Physics Exam MCQ Mock Test

Free ICSE Class 7 Physics Exam MCQ Mock Test

The ideal study guide for students is the Selina book answers. Students will better comprehend the ideas with the aid of these Selina Solutions for Concise Physics Class 7 ICSE. For Selina Class 7, Justtutors offers solutions and contains all of the responses to the questions. Most of your peers are undoubtedly using JT to succeed in their examinations. Get free Selina Solutions for Concise Physics Class 7 ICSE chapter-by-chapter, written by experts and updated to the most recent curriculum.

Chapter 1 Physical Quantities and Measurement

Area and its unit, density and its unit, and other concepts are treated in Physical Quantities and Measurement. The determination of a liquid's density, the density of an irregular solid, the density of a regular solid, Area, density, volume, and other measurements as well as physical quantities, speed, volume, and its unit.

Chapter 2 Force and Pressure: Motion

Mass and weight, motion and rest, multiple motion, speed, types of motion, and types of speed are among the concepts studied in motion.


Chapter 3 Energy

The terms "concept of energy," "conservation of energy," "different forms of energy," "hydroelectric energy," "kinetic energy," "mechanical energy and its types," and "different forms of energy" are among those discussed in the subject of energy. Energy transformation, kinetic energy types, and potential energy

Chapter 4 Energy

Concepts covered in Light Energy include colour, lateral inversion, the law of light reflection, light, plane mirrors, and reflection, the reflection of a ray of light that is typically incident on a plane mirror, reflection of light, speed of light, terms used in reflection of light, types of reflection, and verification of the law of light reflection.

Chapter 5 Energy

Conduction, Conductors and Insulators, Convection, Effects of Heat, Expansion of Gases, Liquids, Solids, and Substances (Thermal Expansion), Heat and Its Unit, Hot and Cold Objects, Measuring Temperature, Radiation, Scales of Thermometers, Temperatures, Thermos Flask (Dewar Flask), and Transfer of Heat are among the concepts covered in heat.

Chapter 6 Energy

Absorption of Sound, Echoes, Loudness and Intensity, Pitch and Frequency, Production of Sound, Propagation of Sound, Properties of Sounds, Representation of a Wave, Sound, Sound Need a Medium to Travel, and Speed of Sound are some of the concepts addressed in Sound (Velocity of Sound)

Chapter 7 Energy

Analogy of Electric Current with Water Flow, Applications of Electromagnets, Batteries, Classification of Magnets, Conductors and Insulators, Earth's Magnetic Declination, Electric Bell, Electric Cell, Electric Circuit, Electricity, Electromagnet, Flow of Charges (Electrons) Between Conductor, Laws of Magnetism, Magnet and Its Characteristics, Magnetic Field, Magnetic Properties, and Making of an Electroma are some of the concepts covered in Electricity and Magnetism.

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