Games That Contain A Lot Of Adult Elements, Especially 18+

Games That Contain A Lot Of Adult Elements, Especially 18+

Game development is already so complex. In fact, today's heavyweight games already contain many elements of life that are full of adult scenes. Yup, stories about revenge, elements of sexuality, torture, bullying, and sadism have become narratives that are selling well in the market.


Maybe some of them can gain success and get a lot of praise, but some of them are even criticized for being too vulgar and even being banned by many countries. So, curious about games that contain a lot of adult elements? Remember, yes, the games below are only for those of you who are old enough.


1. Catherine


In fact, in the West and Japan alone, this game called Catherine must be limited and enter into adult games that are sold strictly. Yes, the game released by Atlus and SEGA in 2011 is actually quite interesting to follow. However, it is precisely the adult narrative and premise that are sold in this game, one of which is about the courtship which is quite excessive.


Made for Microsoft Windows (PC), PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, this game focuses on adult relationships filled with sexuality, commitment, and responsibility. Well, based on a little research, it seems that many parents are quite worried if their children get this game on the market.


2. Heavy Rain


Heavy Rain is included in the list of heavy games that contain adult elements. This work by Quantic Dream is a depressive and heartbreaking narrative of a fatal incident that caused the death of a small child. Yes, playing the role of a father, you will be led by kidnappers who will willingly injure or even kill your child.


Not infrequently Ethan (main protagonist) has to bleed and also cut his own finger just to satisfy the kidnapper named Origami Killer. Well, the great thing is, this game has a big plot twist at the end of the story that you don't expect. Well, if you're old enough and like a depressing storyline, you can finish this 2010 game.


3. D2


Not everyone likes a game called D2 . The reason is, this game contains many adult elements that are full of sensual scenes. Even though the graphics are pretty bad, some sadistic scenes and sexuality are clearly presented in their time. Well, apparently, the majority of gamers don't like the D2 storyline , which seems forced.


This game was released to the market in 1999 for the Sega Dreamcast console. Of course, with the exclusiveness only for Dreamcast players, this game is also not very well known among PlayStation, Nintendo, and PC gamers. Well, for those of you who are curious about this game, you shouldn't have to try it because the scores and ratings are pretty bad on the internet.


4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Who doesn't know Geralt of Rivia? Yes, this fictional figure has indeed been loved by most adult gamers through the game series The Witcher . Well, in the third series entitled The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the graphics or visual appearance in this game is already very good. That means, the sex and violence scenes in it are also very clearly described.


Although filled with adult elements, this game by CD Projekt Red has become one of the best RPGs to date, competing with the series The Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age . The author is sure that you have also played and even finished it. The question is, are you old enough to play it? Hey, confess!


5. Hotline Miami


This adult game filled with sadism and sexual scenes has become one of the best adult games. Yes, there are even many positive reviews on Steam because Hotline Miami has a genius and sadistic gameplay mechanism . This masterpiece by Dennaton Games tells a dark tale of drug trafficking, prostitution, and murder.


So brutal, Hotline Miami was banned and banned by Australia and several European countries. So, forget about Mortal Kombat with its bloody battles. Hotline Miami has become a simple game with a far more sadistic, brutal, dark narrative, and can only be understood by adult gamers.


Some of the games that we have discussed do contain adult scenes that should be played by gamers of age. Well, if you're not old enough, don't try to access these games, OK?

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