Gas Leak: How to Detect It

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The occurrence of a gas leak could spell disaster for a household. According to a report, more than 50 percent of households in the United States use natural gas. While using natural gas is quite safe, badly maintained or haphazardly installed gas lines could lead to a gas leak situation. To keep yourself and your family safe from such a situation, you should know how to detect gas leaks and the ways in which one can fix a problem of this nature. 

Natural gas happens to be a fossil energy source that is derived from the surface of the Earth. It constitutes methane, natural gas liquids, and a bunch of non-hydrocarbon gases. A natural gas leak situation is mostly a result of a gas appliance or gas line leaking. These leaks are mostly synonymous with old gas lines showing signs of corrosion. 

Apart from causing damage to your health and leading to higher gas bills, gas leaks cause a lot of other issues that are far more serious in nature. Those who read the papers would know that gas leaks lead to a lot of deaths every year. If you ever suffer from gas leaks in NYC, Tidal Plumbing & Heating is the company you should get in touch with. 

Here are some of the ways in which one can detect a gas leak:

Whistling Noise

When you hear a noise that resembles a whistle or a ‘hiss’ near your gas line, you should know there is a chance of a gas leak happening. This, in fact, is one of the common signs of gas leaks in NYC. You must be attentive and figure out where exactly the noise or sound is coming from. It is very important for one of you to be sure about the device that is making this noise.

Rotten Egg Smell

Most of us are familiar with the smell of a rotten egg. Since gas is odorless and colorless in nature, companies use an additive referred to as mercaptan to ensure it has a distinctive smell to it. When a gas leak happens, and it spreads across a particular area, you can identify it through this smell. The smell or odor of mercaptan is very similar to that of rotten eggs and sulfur. As soon as you detect this smell, you should reach out to a professional who deals with gas leaks in NYC.

Soapy Water Test

One of the traditional methods of detecting a gas leak is the soapy water test which always proves to be effective. For conducting this test, you have to mix a moderate amount of soap in a small cup of water in order to get a concentrated solution. The solution is to be applied to the area where the leakage has supposedly happened. If you notice bubbles coming to the fore, it means there is a leakage situation. 

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