Get the Best Chinese Funeral Services in Singapore at Affordable Prices!

Get the Best Chinese Funeral Services in Singapore at Affordable Prices!
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Chinese funeral customs and traditions have a great influence on the world, which follow the strict rules of Chinese traditions that display a sense of respect and honor for the deceased person. Chinese people believe in life after the death or Nirvana state to achieve by the dead person. There is a huge scope of this belief in Chinese funeral customs which helps the soul to achieve the state of Nirvana.

However, the Chinese people love to organize a funeral ceremony for their loved ones after their death according to the Chinese funeral traditions or rules. Hence, it is interesting to know the traditions and funeral rules in China and follow them for organizing a traditional Chinese funeral ceremony for your departed one according to the same customs.

Chinese Funeral Service in Singapore:-

If you need a Chinese funeral service in Singapore, you should contact the best-known Chinese funereal Singapore service company. The role of a Chinese funeral service company is to organize the funeral ceremony for the dead person at the best space in Singapore according to Chinese funeral traditions or customs. Many Chinese families in Singapore do like to organize a funeral ceremony for their departed ones with help of authorized Chinese funeral organizers in the country. By getting the aid of a Chinese funeral service company, you can manage to organize funeral ceremonies or activities as per Chinese funeral customs and traditions. Thus it will be a wise decision to take the aid of the best Chinese funeral company to organize a funeral ceremony for a dead person according to standard Chinese funeral rules.

Types of Chinese Funeral Activities:-

Many activities will take place during Chinese funeral ceremonies or before the burial or cremation of the body of a dead person. Hence, it is interesting to know all Chinese funeral activities step by step as follows: 

Cleaning of the Body of the Dead One

According to the Chinese funeral tradition, the body of a dead person first needs to wash with water and clean well. It is believed that non cleaned or washed the body of a departed person will go to hell. Hence, it is necessary to proper washing or clean of dead person’s body before the burial or funeral process starts. After body cleaning, it will get dressed with a clean cloth and make ready to place in the casket.

Decorating the Body of the Deceased Person

In this Chinese funeral Singapore service, the body of a dead person gets placed in a casket and it will finally get decorated with flowers, candles, and sticks of incense. Finally, the decorated casket will be placed in an open place where visitors and family members can visit to view the body and pray for him to rest in peace.

Dress to Wear During the Chinese Funeral Ceremony

Traditionally, family members of the deceased one will have to wear white dresses and brown burlap clothes. The color of the dress may also vary according to the age of the deceased one. If a Chinese dies naturally in age around 80 or older age, the funeral ceremony will carry on for long life and the family members will have to wear a dress in pink or red color. Hence, there is an importance of dresses to wear during a Chinese funeral ceremony that is also an interesting fact to know for you.

Visitation Before Funeral

It is a casual process of a Chinese funeral ceremony that family members and guests will visit the funeral spot for viewing the body of the deceased one and give a last salute or honor to the body departed. The process of visitation will carry on for three days before the funeral takes place. All visitors or family members will pray to God for a departed loved one to give him a place in heaven at every visit to the casket.

Burning of Incense and Joss Paper

In this funeral step, Chinese people will burn incense and joss paper at the graveside ceremony and after returning to the gravesite a few days later. This tradition will indicate that the loved one will have all possible things he or she needs afterlife.

Giving Money or Gifts to the Family Members

After completing the funeral ceremony, family members and guests will expect to receive grieving money or gifts from the host. The person giving the gift or money can also write his or her name on the envelope or leave the space blank as per wish.

Thus, the above are some significant Chinese funeral activities that need to be performed during the funeral ceremony.

If you want to organize a Chinese funeral ceremony in Singapore, you should contact an authentic Chinese funeral Singapore authority or Nirvana Columbarium SG service providers. Such authorities are indulged in all sorts of Chinese funeral and Buddhist funeral services and can also help to set up HDB Void Deck Funeral as per Chinese traditions and customs.

For more details, you can visit the website of Chinese funeral service companies or Nirvana funeral Singapore service providers. You will get details of Chinese funeral packages and other services on the website of the best funeral service agencies in Singapore.


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