Ghost 3.0: Big release for Content Management System

Alex Alex 30 October 2019
Ghost 3.0: Big release for Content Management System

The open-source CMS Ghost has released the largest release ever with version 3.0. In addition to a convenient subscription feature for publishers, it includes a new WordPress plug-in and a completely redesigned architecture. Ghost itself still remains free.

Ghost, the open source-based Headless Content Management System (CMS), has announced the largest release in its history to date. At its core, Ghost offers its users the ability to create and manage websites without programming knowledge. The software is aimed particularly at bloggers, freelance journalists and publishers of online content.

Ghost 3.0 - the new feature

Ghost CEO John O'Nolan said that the new version is in line with the trend and needs of users. So more and more publishers decided to make their content available via paid subscription. CRMs like Ghost would have to ensure that potentially interested readers have the opportunity to easily log in to a website and pay for content. This feature is now offered in collaboration with the payment service Stripe. Thanks to deep integration and the Billing API, control over the entire billing functionality remains in the hands of the users who can manage them through their Stripe account.

Also, on the technical level, Ghost has done a lot. The release brings a new architecture concept: After creating a static website, it is supplemented with dynamic features to make it more powerful. In this way, more robust websites should be generated. Smaller content APIs, Admin APIs and custom integrations were also added. So far, if users had to manually deploy ghost themes, this process can now be automated thanks to GitHub Actions.

A plug-in for WordPress Ghost already got when it was still in its infancy - and kept it until today. It is in the nature of things that this simple migration is no longer up to date. With version 3.0, a completely new plug-in is now available and offers a single download button of the entire WordPress content including image archive in a format that can be dragged and dropped into the importer.


According to the developers, Ghost 3.0 should be the first step in a new direction and provide the basis for new applications and functions. The team is also looking for new payment gateways for countries in which stripe can not be offered.

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