Gpay Scam: What is it and How to be Safe

Gpay Scam: What is it and How to be Safe
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Gpay is a primarily UPI based App and many people use it in India. The is mainly used for UPI payments or paying directly from our bank account. Despite being useful for millions of people, the app is also being used for scamming people. So, today in this guide, we are going to share with you an informative guide about this new GPay Scam and How to be safe from Gpay Scams.

What is a Gpay Scam

This scam is basically a kind of money-transferring trick that people use to take money from one's mobile payment app like Gpay. As we all know it is very easy to transfer funds from one mobile to another through Google Pay and other payment apps. Gpay is perfect for this because of its direct bank account payments through UPI. 

Scammers use various kinds of tricks to scam people with such UPI-based payment apps. Here are 3 main Gpay Scams that recently happening in India.

GPay Scam with Fake Screenshot

The First one is the Fake Gpay Screenshot. In this scam, people make a fake Payment receipt with the help of online fake payment screenshot generators with the correct payee name and upi address that is provided. After making the screenshot, they show it to the payee to make them confirm that the payment is transferred but the payee doesn't get the money in their bank.

How to be safe from this?

Well, first of all, always check your balance after receiving a payment.

If you do not know the last balance then simply check your last 5 transactions by requesting a mini statement from your bank. You can also do this with your ATM card on an ATM.

You can also double-check the screenshot and see if there is anything wrong with it.

Processing a Refund

According to news and many incidents that already happened in India, people are transferring money with QR codes after making a false promise of a refund. These scammers mainly perform their tricks from popular e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon.
These scammers will set a fake shops on commerce websites. When you order something from their online store, they will send a fake item. Not only that but also they will write their mobile number on the box with a message that if you are not satisfied with the product then call on this number. 

When you call that number, they will agree to give you a refund and send you a payment link or QR Code. When you scan the code and click on the link, your Gpay will open and it will ask for your PIN. As soon as you enter your PIN, your money will be transferred to your bank account.

How to Be Safe

First, you should know that the No Payment app asks for a PIN for receiving payments.

Always call on official helpline number from the official website. Do not call the product seller's number.

To receive a payment, give your UPI or QR code. Do not scan or click on others' QR or payment links.

Fraud Payment

This scam is similar to the last one. In this Gpay Scam, scammers send messages with various offers and rewards to your inbox. These messages contain a unique Gpay Link. When someone unknowingly clicks on these links and submits the PIN, they end up losing their money.

This kind of scam mostly happens with uneducated people living in the village. So, even if you are alert, you must spread the word and make people understand how they should operate and stay cautious with such activity. It can be your village relatives too.

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How to be safe

I suggest not clicking any link that is sent through SMS or WhatsApp.

Never enter a PIN on the Gpay app to receive any payment.

Do not trust any offer or reward that is sent on SMS or WhatsApp.

Final Words: Many scammers are scamming people with UPI-based payment apps. Even if you do know about such scams, you still can be scammed unknowingly at a random time. So, checking your balance and double-checking while receiving a payment is your responsibility. 

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