Heat Resistant Paint Coating- Types and Applications

Heat Resistant Paint Coating- Types and Applications
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Heat Reflective Paint for metal is not designed to deliver fire retardant properties, but can be used on industrial chimneys and steel melting applications. These high-temperature coatings will not react to flames and cannot contain the surface spread of flames.


Everywhere on the planet, people are trying to find better ways to protect themselves in the event of a natural disaster, catastrophe or fire. 


Heat Reflective Paint is one of the most commonly used methods of reducing and fighting fire. They protect the surface from flames and their corrosive effects.

Paints and Coatings for reflective paint

Suitable for use in Heat Reflective Paint engines, exhausts, BBQs, stoves, fireplaces, boilers, radiators, chimneys and other areas subjected to high temperatures. If you are looking for a heat-resistant paint or coating to provide a high level of protection on a surface exposed to high levels of heat, find what you are looking for here.


In this category, you will find heat resistant coatings and heat resistant sprays that are suitable for use on ships, boats, boats, engines, incinerators, pipes, exhausts, grate and other metal / wood surfaces. The products are primarily designed for metal applications, although they can often be applied to wood and other surfaces that require protection from high temperatures.


Please take the time to browse all the products and choose the best coating that suits your needs. Whether you need insulating paint for metal or something different, we will advise you and guide you in the right direction.

How do you apply cool paint to a roof?

  • Clean and wipe the surface with water to completely remove dirt, loose particles and dust
  • Wash the surface thoroughly and let it dry. Don't save water
  • Stir in the paste. [Add water as required (approximately 20% - 25%), no primer required]
  • Apply the first coat of heat-reflecting paint with a brush/roller / spray gun
  • Let the surface dry for 3 to 4 hours. (Until completely dry)
  • Then apply another coat and let it dry for 48 hours

How Does Fire Work?

For a natural fire to exist, three elements must be available. Oxygen, heat and any fuel are the three elements and they work together as a fierce team to do as much damage as possible from flames, also known as the deadly "fire triangle". We do this: By removing one of these components, you can easily reduce the damage. You can take oxygen, heat or fuel from the equation and the rest of the components allow you to extinguish the fire easily.


If the fire is so intense that it engulfs the surrounding area, it can not only destroy the entire building, but the wind can carry flames from one building to another. The same thing happens with mass fires. It is important to be prepared for this fire, as well as to know the basics of firefighting.

The Most Popular Applications :

  • Protecting high-temperature boilers, such as refineries, etc.
  • They are protecting steam pipes in high-temperature environments, such as ships, refineries, etc.
  • Protection of Chimneys in commercial sectors and factories to eliminate overheating and corrosion
  • Protection of components in refineries and factories with high-temperature requirements
  • Protection of walls, ceilings and other elements of an environment against fire
  • Protection of equipment in power plants and chemical plants (nuclear plants)
  • Fireproofing of restaurants, hospitals, colleges, and residential places
  • Protection of automotive components, such as the engine, fan, and exhaust compartments
  • Building construction
  • HVAC systems


Types of Heat Reflective Paint

As we mentioned earlier, there are different classes and types of Heat Reflective Paint. We will look at their top 4 versions, their design and their total usage.

Multi Polymeric Paint

These epoxy or silicone-based high heat paints come in two different forms: water-based and solvent-based. This type of fire retardant product is basically used for coating during new construction, renovation of existing living or commercial space or any general construction project.


These paints have a high content of silicone, which provides a unique strong resistance to high temperatures. In addition, these paints are also suitable for coating engine room boilers, high temperature appliances, stoves, flues and chimneys in domestic fireplaces. The Vitkas range of heat resistant spray paints falls into this category.

Powdered Form of Paint

High-temperature powder versions of paints are usually based on epoxy and silicone. According to modern research, silicone-based powders work better and more efficiently at higher temperatures. In addition, the powder-based form of high-resistance paint is also free from any form of VOC.


These paints allow you to mix many colors and attractive finishes on the walls. These paints protect the elements from fire, as well as they look great and match the overall theme of the place.

Thermal Spray

Thermal sprays or metal additive coatings are commonly used for the dual purposes of heat resistance and rust protection. These paints form a protective coating around the surface, which not only avoids fire triangles and fights heat, but also the corrosive effects of high temperatures and elements.


In high temperature installations and manufacturing facilities, thermal spread aluminum is mainly used for CUI protection.

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