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The year 2009 marked the advent of a revolution with the introduction of Bitcoin. This innovative cryptocurrency sought to address the flaws within the existing financial system by presenting the world with a novel method of value exchange - an electronic cash system. As a result, it also laid the foundation for the emergence of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) like blockchain, currently among the most rapidly expanding fields in the world of technology.

However, early Blockchain technology revealed certain limitations over time, particularly concerning scalability and high latency, post the inception of Bitcoin. In response to these challenges, numerous blockchain projects have been dedicated to exploring solutions. Simultaneously, the DLT landscape has been evolving in various other directions. One noteworthy endeavor in this regard is Hedera Hashgraph, a well-known initiative striving to push the boundaries of DLT beyond traditional blockchain structures with the help of blockchain development company.

What is Hedera?

Hedera uses the leaderless, asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (aBFT) hash graph consensus process to function as an open-source, decentralised public ledger. It serves as a proof-of-stake network, giving decentralised transactions and applications a safe and effective foundation. A decentralised council overseeing this network is made up of leading corporations, universities, and web3 projects from all over the world, ensuring decentralisation and resilience.

With its performance-optimized Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts and user-friendly native tokenization and consensus service APIs, developers have the means to construct web3 applications and ecosystems with ease.

Use Cases


Empower secure, real-time, and highly affordable payments by utilizing HBAR, stablecoins, or your cryptocurrency.


Leverage performance-optimized EVM smart contracts to create decentralized exchanges, lending protocols, network bridges, and more. Alternatively, seamlessly port existing DeFi solutions to the platform.


Forge unique tokens representing digital media, physical goods, and more, enabling the creation of thriving NFT marketplaces or communities.

Decentralized Identity Management

Safeguard privacy while managing decentralized identification through a secure, standards-based approach.

Decentralized Data Management

Establish low-cost, scalable, and publicly verified data logs to record payment events, supply chain provenance, IoT sensor data, and other valuable information.


Implement, access, or create sustainable solutions with top-notch governance, harnessing the low-energy network capabilities of Hedera.

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ERP, CRM, and EAM Integration

Integrate ERP, CRM, or EAM programs with DLT for numerous benefits, including enhanced data integrity, increased cooperation, and automation, improved security, transparency, traceability, reduced costs with fewer intermediaries, and heightened security.

Why Build Your Next Big Thing on Hedera

Hedera prioritizes developers as first-class citizens, offering user-friendly APIs and EVM smart contracts. With Hedera's native network service SDKs, EVM equivalency, and a suite of tools, innovation, and development become straightforward, whether you're working on a side project or pioneering the next major Web 3 application. The platform's robust codebase ensures a highly scalable and dependable network infrastructure, making it an ideal choice for developers seeking to create essential web3 apps and protocols for the ecosystem.

Low-Cost, Swift Transactions

Hedera transactions come at a minimal cost of approximately $0.001 and are complete with absolute certainty within 3-5 seconds, eliminating the need to wait for block confirmations.

Remarkable Scalability

Powered by Hedera's native services, even the most demanding and mission-critical web3 applications and protocols can scale reliably to 10,000 transactions per second (TPS) and beyond.

Fair and Efficient Transaction Ordering

Hedera operates as an aBFT hash graph-constrained leaderless proof-of-stake network, ensuring fair transaction ordering with a consensus timestamp.

Commitment to Sustainability

According to a University College London study, Hedera claims remarkable sustainability, being the most energy-efficient public network with an average energy expenditure of 0.000003 kWh per transaction. Additionally, Hedera is dedicated to building a public network that emits zero carbon, and as such, it invests in quarterly carbon credits to balance out the insignificant emissions from every infrastructure that interacts with the public.

If you have a project that you want to build on this unique DLT, you may consider connecting with our skilled blockchain developers.

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