High Tech Beauty Gadgets: LED Face Masks

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High Tech Beauty Gadgets: LED Face Masks

In the span of the previous few years, we have seen a steady increase in the availability of at-home technological devices that are made for beautification purposes. In the days gone by, these kinds of high-tech devices meant for beautification purposes were only available to professionals in the industry. Only professional aestheticians and dermatologists had access to these devices. With so many gadgets becoming available in recent years, it has gotten to the point where choosing a device has become difficult because of so many options. Fortunately, the following few paragraphs will help you by introducing you to one of the best at-home tech beautification devices, LED Face Masks.

LED Face Masks

The first time that LED face masks came into the common knowledge of people was when Vogue published a piece on celebrity facialist, Georgia Louise. Her affinity for the mask was very apparent, and people were startled to see a device that looked like it came straight out of the popular horror film “Jason.” In those days, the mask used to be extremely expensive and was only available to professionals in the skin care industry. In 2015, a lot of other celebrities were spotted wearing these devices. Some of these celebrities included A-listers such as Jessica Alba and Chrissy Teigen. Eventually, the prices of these masks dropped, and it became much more affordable and widely available. As a result, many more people had access to this device, which had a whole host of health benefits associated with its usage. 

LED Face Masks Actually Work

Light therapy works, and there is actual science to back this claim up. For example, red light has been proven to improve both firmness and the skin's elasticity. On the other hand, blue light has shown tremendous promise in helping treat acne, be it mild or moderate, or severe. Many people can vouch for the benefits of light therapy, so many have decided to invest in home LED face masks. While just glowy skin is a common instant effect of taking light therapy, the greater benefits which are of more importance, such as tighter skin, are usually achieved with much more constant use. This implies that using the mask a few times a week is usually advised. 

What Does LED Light Therapy Actually Do?

These electronic beautification devices have the ability to send light that is of levels but is professional in terms of strength. This light can go deep into the layers of the skin and help promote clearer and much more radiant skin. 

Masks, the most popular and the most sought after, normally have three modes in which they operate. These three modes are anti-aging, a post-procedure mode for healing, and a purifying mode. The mode which promotes anti-aging benefits emits light that is red in color. This is the mode that is the most commonly used. This mode is used to amp up the production of collagen. This helps by promoting newer growth within the cellular level of the skin. It also possesses the ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and also wrinkles. This model is also especially effective for women of color as it can help with issues such as hyperpigmentation. This is one of the most common skin issues women of color face. 

The mode that is meant for purifying makes use of blue LED light, and it can be used in order to kill off bacteria and also to combat acne. The mode meant for use in post-procedure is very effective in healing wounds. This mode is also good for speeding up the time it takes to recover from a whole host of dermatological procedures. It can also help ease any issues that are caused by sunburn. 

How often do you need to use it?

Most professionals who work with light therapy will tell you to use it not more than thrice a week. They will also recommend limiting each session to 20 minutes. You can use the mask in conjunction with another skincare product if you prefer. The mask has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin, and it is suggested that you use a product that is too heavy so as not to clog up the pores of your skin. 

If, on the other hand, you are using retinoids, then it is highly recommended that you alternate between both making uses of the mask and product application. Make sure that you do not combine or use both treatment options on the same day. This will ensure that you avoid any issues such as photosensitivity.

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