Highly Recommended Foods that Increase Blood Flow to the Brain

Highly Recommended Foods that Increase Blood Flow to the Brain
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10 October 2023

A human being and their body are in a working mode 24/7, non-stop. Even when you sleep, your heart, brain, and other body parts are still awake and keep working to keep you alive. The body and its function perform well when there is a good amount and quality of food with nutrition provided to them, especially your brain, because it covers a lot for you and works as much as your heart does. A healthy and fit brain can fight everything; if it doesn’t work properly or function properly, it can affect your overall health.  

The most important thing for the brain to receive from your body is a healthy blood flow to function and do its work, and if that is not the case, then there will be a bunch of consequences that can be dangerous. Many people worldwide suffer from multiple diseases affecting the brain, such as blood pressure issues.

Following a healthy lifestyle and diet, blood flow can be increased; read further to know how to increase blood flow to the brain through different food intakes and to get and do essential steps.

Methods to help you achieve a healthy blood flow to your brain:

There are so many mental and brain illnesses that can lead to poor blood flow to the brain, such as:

  •   Anxiety.
  •   Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).
  •   Panic disorder.
  •   Agoraphobia.
  •   Traumatic brain injury.
  •   Cognitive dysfunction and brain fog.
  •   Chronic fatigue syndrome.
  •   Dementia.
  •   Parkinson’s disease.
  •   Alzheimer’s disease.
  •   Depression.
  •   Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  •   Lyme disease.

I also suffered a brain concussion where my brain couldn’t receive enough blood supply, and I had to go through multiple treatments as well as surgery to get the blood flow increased and to reach my brain; it was a difficult time I had to go through, and I don’t want anyone to experience that, the consequences that come with it are endless, but once I reached to my goal, I am satisfied and also experienced. Multiple methods have helped me lead a healthy life with a healthy brain, and I think everyone has to know what to do.

The following are six basic steps or methods; by doing all these, you can get lots of benefits and not just a healthy brain:

  1. Exposing yourself to cold:

Cold exposure significantly increases cerebral blood flow. A cold shower can increase the blood flow of your entire body, which will directly help stimulate the vagus nerve and support the endocannabinoid system. You can always start little by little and reach a point where you can resist the cold, and rather than covering yourself up, you will benefit from it.

  1. Sunlight exposure:

Sunlight is a natural source, and we can benefit from it. It works as a medicine and a therapy for the human body. Many kinds of light therapy research show that after light therapy, the blood flow to the brain increases; hence, sunlight is a natural light therapy source, so exposure is beneficial for blood flow.

  1. Ginkgo Biloba supplement:

Used for thousands of years to cure diseases, Ginkgo Biloba is the ultimate plant that can help increase the blood flow to the brain. It increases cognitive function and improves memory and attention in both healthy and unhealthy individuals. It even reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Multiple people take supplements that use its extract but not without a doctor’s prescription.

  1. Everyday exercise:

Everybody knows how exercising can help maintain a healthy lifestyle and get multiple benefits. Whether it is a walk or a proper gym workout, you can have a healthy heart and brain functioning when you keep your body working out. When your body warms up by exercising, your blood flow increases, and the supply becomes efficient.

  1. Low-Level Laser Therapy:

It is a treatment that uses red and infrared light to support brain function; the therapy can be used on patients with poor blood flow to the brain. Applying near-infrared light to the forehead can help treat depression and anxiety without side effects by increasing frontal regional cerebral blood flow.

  1. Meditation:

It is a relaxing and unique way to enhance your body's functions. Meditation has proved multiple times that it is a simple yet effective way to achieve your health goals, and it has been seen that people with brain issues after meditation started recovering and becoming healthy after meditation. Use the Muse headband to meditate to increase blood flow to the brain.

Healthy food choices to make to increase your brain’s blood flow:

As mentioned above, different brain and mental health issues can cause poor blood circulation to the brain, leading to other dangerous health problems. Your brain is your support system. If it isn’t treated right, then you can see serious consequences.

Following are the foods that increase blood flow to the brain:

  •   Citrus fruits:

Citrus fruits contain vitamin C, flavonoids, fiber, potassium, and antioxidants that can help increase blood flow by providing nutrients to the body. A well-rounded diet that includes citrus fruits can benefit your general health and enhance the condition of your brain indirectly through increased cardiovascular function.

  •   Onions:

Onions are a healthy food that may have some advantages for cardiovascular wellness, which can indirectly help blood flow to the brain. Sulfur compounds found in onions, such as allicin, could possess anti-inflammation and possible cardiovascular effects, such as decreasing blood pressure and increasing circulation. According to some research, chemicals found in onions can prevent platelets in the bloodstream from sticking together, thereby lowering the chances of blood clots.

  •   Fatty fish:

An excellent fatty fish includes omega-3 fatty acids that are extremely beneficial for your blood flow and cannot be produced in the body, so you have to take it through your diet to benefit. It reduces the high risks of heart attacks and strokes and increases blood flow.

  •   Beets:

Beets produce natural chemical nitrate, which your body receives and converts into nitrate-oxide, which helps increase blood flow and maintain healthy blood pressure.

  •   Tomatoes:

A tomato that can be found easily in everyone’s kitchen can be extremely beneficial for cardiovascular health and blood flow. The lycopene and vitamin K present in it can prevent blood clotting and other heart diseases, directly influencing good brain health. 

  •   Berries:

Berries are little in our sight, but they work almost as a medicine for natural recovery. Flavonoids in blueberries and strawberries help widen arteries, minimize plaque development, and enhance blood flow.

  •   Walnuts:

Nuts are hard to crack, but once you eat those brain-like walnuts, you can enjoy their benefits as they can become a huge nutritious support for your body. Nuts such as walnuts and almonds promote circulation by lowering irritation and damage caused by oxidation in the arteries.

  •   Leafy greens:

It efficiently provides oxygen and blood circulation to the body; it is rich in nitrate, antioxidants, vitamin K, folate, and fiber. Leafy greens are good alternatives for supporting general cardiovascular health, indirectly resulting in enhanced blood flow to the brain. They are high in nutrients and chemicals that support the circulatory system's health and may aid in improving cognitive function.

  •   Pomegranate juice:

This blood-colored fruit can help increase blood flow and provides multiple other benefits, such as cleaning the blood, an antioxidant. Pomegranate juice contains a high concentration of antioxidants, which assist open blood arteries and enable additional blood circulation. It is also renowned for preventing artery stiffness and thickening.

By consuming all these nutritious foods and adding them to your daily life, you will enjoy a healthy life where you can enjoy everything without making any excuses for your health. You will always stay active and ready to go when all this food will work and make your brain stronger and fitter daily.

Final takeaways:

Taking all the above information in mind, you can see that having a healthy diet not just with the foods mentioned above, such as pomegranate juice, berries, leafy greens, walnuts, and fatty fish have omega-3 fatty acids in them, tomatoes, beets, and onions. Other factors can have a total effect on your health, such as exercising, exposure to cold temperatures to rush the blood and make healthy blood flow to the brain, having sunlight exposure, which not only increases the blood pressure but also provides vitamin D, which also helps in maintaining a healthy blood flow.

Don’t take your brain health for granted. As told above, your brain works a lot more than you think, and just like you take care of your physical health, you should take care of your brain and mental health and keep toxins out of your body. Eat healthy and maintain good body workouts and overall health.

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