Hire AS400 Developers to Maximize AS/400 Development Success

Hire AS400 Developers to Maximize AS/400 Development Success
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AS400 development success largely depends on the expertise of AS400 developers who are working their brain on your project.

With the ever-evolving modern day business needs and shrinking talent pool of AS400 experts, finding the right talent has become a challenge.

As a technology leader

– Are you riddled with the talent shortage?

– Are you losing your good night's sleep over declining project development?

– Are you done exploring all the alternatives for finding the right AS400 developers?

We can understand the situation you have been through, but trust us when we say this, it's not the end of the world!

Have you considered AS400 consulting services?

As a technology leader, roping in an AS400 consulting company could be a clear concern of conflict, where IT budgets are at stake and ROI goes on the toss.

But, if done right, it can be a proven strategy to make success with your AS400 development initiatives.

Today, we are going to walk you through the ABC of AS400 to the ‘What', ‘How' and ‘Why' of working with an AS/400 consulting company.

Hang tight, it's going to be a roller coaster ride! Let's begin!

First of all, let's look at some critical questions which you may be wondering about.

Is AS400 still used today?

AS/400 now called IBM i, in 2023 is not only surviving but thriving owing to its reliability, stability, and security features.

Over 100,000 including Fortune 500 companies are using AS/400 for their critical operations and it is likely to be on top priority for many thousand companies, in the future, across the globe.

This translates to the growing importance of AS400 developers.

How many companies still use AS400?

Over 100,000 companies, mostly from the USA, followed by Italy, France, United Kingdom are using the system.

Although it's a 2 decade-old system, IBM releases periodic updates and advancements to maintain its relevance in the modern age.

The companies heavily rely on AS400 RPG Developer to make the most of their investments.

Why do companies still use AS400?

Because it is a multi-user, multi-tasker, highly safe, and reliable system that also brings decision-makers a profound sense of peace of mind and trust.

IBM iSeries AS400 is like your old friend who has grown with you.

With the AS400 developers, companies are taking the friendship to a higher level, benefitting from the performance boost, ultra-high uptime, low costs, enhanced flexibility, and simplified internal Information Technology infrastructure.

Which AS400 programming languages do developers use?

Currently, the iSeries developers are using RPG, COBOL, assembly language, C, C++, Pascal, Java, EGL, Perl, Smalltalk, SQL, BASIC, PHP, PL/I, Python, and REXX.

Who is an AS400 developer?

A programmer for AS400 software is the one responsible for maintaining and developing the application on the platform.

Their crucial duties include programming and testing code for applications and software.

Remember to pick the best team of iSeries developers, as they decide the success rate of your AS400 investments.

Are you planning to hire AS400 developers for your project? Read on!

As you know the basics, let's now get to the core of this topic which will help you to select the most suitable AS/400 programmer.

Top Skills to Consider Before You Hire IBM i/AS400 Developers

Your team of AS400 RPG Developer should excel in the following skill sets:

IBM i Technical Skills –

Technological Understanding

IBM i has dramatically evolved over the period of 2 decades. The AS/400 programmer needs to have a 360-degree understanding of RPG (across versions — III, IV, ILE) and CL/CLLE to make the most of your AS400 system.

Application Development

IBM iSeries is excellent for developing and maintaining applications that demand exceptionally high performance and minimal downtime.

Your developer for IBM i shall be proficient in mobile and web development, employing high application performance techniques, with strong knowledge of setting up and maintaining disaster recovery solutions, and more.

Architectural Knowledge for AS400

IBM i is built on complicated architecture. It is built on software, hardware, security, database, and other crucial components. The AS400 RPG programmers must be well-versed in its advanced, unique architecture.

Deployment Assistance

Deployment assistance as a skill is necessary to ensure smooth transitions, minimize downtime, and tackle emerging challenges while maintaining the mission-critical application on the IBM iSeries platforms.

Documentation Skills

Documentation in AS400 application development is like a detailed map of a complex journey.

It is essential for AS400 RPG programmers to master this skill to ensure smooth troubleshooting of the system's structure, and processes to prevent lost paths in the future.

Testing Expertise

AS400 testing skill is a must-have to identify faulty areas/objects in the applications.

Even expert professionals can commit mistakes.

It is a special duty of a developer to check and validate different components and give a green signal after thorough checking.

Now as you are aware of the technical AS400 developer skills, here are the must-have interpersonal skills.

AS400 iSeries Interpersonal Skills:

Communication Excellence

Excellent communication is a non-negotiable skill in AS400 iSeries IBM i projects.

This skill instils a sense of trust and shows confidence in the stakeholders.

Additionally, this skill can easily present complex, technical concepts to the non-technical stakeholders.

Teamwork & Leadership

Your AS400 dream project can only be achieved with dedicated teamwork.

Your team of RPG & Cobol developers works in symphony, setting goals, making crucial decisions, and ensuring everyone's talent is put to use.

The team should inspire each other to achieve the organizational goals, together.

Requirement Gathering

It is one of the crucial skills of iSeries developers to gather precise requirements, vision, goals, and asses your project's scope.

Without a clear understanding, your project's success is at risk of failure.

Ensure to hire AS400 developers who understand the value of requirement gathering and increase the likelihood that the project will be successful.

Client Interaction

A good client relationship is built on your team's healthy interaction skills.

Each client interaction is to draw the development team closer to the stakeholders' vision.

This is when your team of iSeries developers gets all the information, they need to perform efficiently.


Isn't this skill a must for all team members?

Your AS400 developer must be an expert in the technology.

But it's a waste if they don't know how to employ this technology differently for different projects.

Each developer must have practical knowledge to address the emerging challenges, meet unique needs, and maximize the value of IBM iSeries for the benefit of the project.

Design Mastery

Design mastery is a term referring to the developer's understanding and expertise in designing the applications, solutions, and other components on the IBM i platform.

Your team of developers must be proficient in designing skill that goes beyond coding and decides the overall architecture of the AS400 system.

These are some imperative skills for your team of AS400 RPG programmers.

But how do I assess these skills? — you may ask.

You can simply assess these qualities through observation, their decision-making capacity, collaboration, and ultimately, the results.

What are the AS400 Developers' Roles and Responsibilities?

AS/400 Application Developer

The IBM i application developers with experience of a minimum of 4 years are like architects of your house, who design and build a solid foundation.

The developer brings in customized AS400 application development designed to meet your unique needs while ensuring the digital infrastructure runs fine.

Their role is a crucial parameter of the overall project's success.

Domain expertise: The role is suitable for domains with complicated backend set-ups such as Manufacturing and Finance.

AS400 System Administrator:

Like a caretaker, the System Administrators with experience of 3–5 years safeguard your AS400 ecosystem from external threats by addressing the maintenance issues promptly.

Their routine maintenance keeps systems running smoothly and ready for the future.

Domain expertise: These professionals are in high demand in manufacturing, financial systems, supply chains & management processes where high precision is the top priority.

AS400 Database Developer

The iSeries developers for database with an experience of 4–7 years is like a professional sculptor shaping data to perfection.

Data integrity is their top priority.

They hold proficiency in SQL & DB2 to ensure the best data querying and data manipulation, along with mastery of multiple tools.

Their role is pivotal for efficient data access for a successful mission.

Domain expertise: This role has strong requirements in the domains where data management is the lifeblood of the business, such as Healthcare, E-commerce, and Finance.

AS400 Integration Specialist

As the name suggests the IBM i Integration specialist with a minimum of 3 years is a skilled connector, connecting diverse systems.

They possess mastery in issue resolution to quickly address performance hiccups.

Their valuable contribution ensures harmonious synchronization of systems, improving project efficiency and connectivity.

Domain expertise: The integration specialists are valuable in the logistics, finance, and healthcare systems where seamless transactions and regulatory compliance are #1 requirement.

AS400 Technical Lead

The technical lead with over 6 years of experience is the director of your iSeries development project.

From providing direction, navigating technical challenges, and leading the project, the lead takes swift actions to prevent any setbacks.

Their leadership keeps the project alive, ensuring successful journeys and smooth sailing.

Domain expertise: The IBM iSeries Technical Lead is well-suited for most sectors as their expertise empowers the IBM i operating system to drive the desired operations.

AS400 Support Analyst

Also known as the problem solver, the AS400 iSeries IBM i support analyst is a skilled detective in investigating problems and solving them promptly.

Analysts with a diverse experience of 3–7 years, resolve issues, check anomalies, and ensure smooth functioning.

Their prompt problem-solving skills keep your IBM i systems running smoothly while ensuring reliability.

Domain expertise: This role is critical in healthcare, e-commerce, and financial operations; where maintaining uninterrupted operations, and ensuring data integrity is prerogative.

AS400 QA Tester

As the name suggests, the QA Tester is a Quality Inspector with a profound experience of 4–6 years, who thoroughly tests the applications, verifies functionality and identifies defects for the product's safety.

Their keen inspection ensures your product meets the highest quality standards, enhancing end-user satisfaction and project success.

Domain expertise: The role of QA Tester is critical in all domains as they ensure the quality, functionality, and compliance of your software applications, irrespective of the domain.

Please note: The above-mentioned year of experience is subjective and depends on your organization, the AS400 developer jobs market, and project requirement. Along with the years of experience, you need to consider the candidate's interpersonal & technical skills, to make the best choice.

Final thoughts

To redeem the utmost potential of your IBM iSeries, it is pivotal to assemble a team of AS/400 programmers with a suitable mix of soft and technical skills.

Ensure not to compromise with the AS400 developers' hiring standards because compromise is just another word for mediocrity.

Looking to hire AS400 Developers for your next dream project? Search no more!

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