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Medical aesthetic companies benefit from being part of a growing creative, innovating and not consolidated (for currently) industry. However, it also has issues like finding, hiring and educating experienced staff to meet the industry’s growing requirements. We’re focusing on the unique challenge of staffing for owners of med spas in recruiting and instructing injectors.

Each state has its own set of rules for injectors and how they must be certified. It can be difficult to find exactly the kind of talent you’re searching for. In an upcoming Skytale Insights podcast, Mary Beth Hagen, the CEO and co-founder of TITAN Aesthetics recruiting talked to Skytale on injector recruitment and the best ways to recruit and train properly. TITAN aids professionals to transition into the world of reputable aesthetic practices. Here are her top strategies for hiring a Medspa.

Current Challenges for Hiring Injectors

In the last 10 years independent medical spas have experienced a significant expansion. The aesthetic services that were previously available through an established practice are now finding their own businesses. A lot of long-term injectors have established their own practices. With the emergence of private equity as well as the medical spa market gaining momentum we’re beginning to notice an increase in demand for injectors, than available.

Where do med spa owners locate a new service? As Hagen says, there’s no educational program for training or residency or internships for injectors. The majority of RNs, NPs, and PAs attracted to aesthetic medicine need to study on their own. If you’re looking for an excellent injector, then read this article.

Tips for Hiring and Training Injectors

There isn’t “one way” to find the ideal candidate. Here are a few Hagen’s suggestions for hiring someone who can bring in more money for your practice.

Hire for Culture Over Experience

The objective is to form a solid team that is aware of the spectrum of care. When a patient is in for surgical or laser treatments, or skin treatment as well as injectables or other treatments, the team must to cooperate to give patients a seamless experience.

This is the reason why hiring and training injectors that are based on the culture is crucial. Does the prospective employee have the ability to work as an effective team player? Are they focusing on outcomes for patients and productivity? Are they able to demonstrate a positive bedside manner? Can create personal relationships between patients?

If they are able to demonstrate an experience is only a secondary factor. A majority of new owners are looking for injectors who have at least three or five years’ experience. However, in the industry there aren’t many seasoned professionals who are waiting to receive a job to offer. It is possible to teach the perfect candidate to inject, and in accordance with your requirements.

This leads to a subsequent assessment of the potential employee’s abilities.

Look for the Right Aptitudes

Injecting is a mix of science and art. An experienced injector will inform patients and develop a treatment plan while being imaginative in the realm of possibilities. Injectables are an art. However, people’s faces, their skin types and their expectations may differ.

With the proper skills the providers can learn how to inject and navigate the patient’s care efficiently.

Invest in Training

After you’ve found the perfect person, they’ll most likely require a course in injecting. Don’t be looking for the weekend course. Aesthetic medicine isn’t so simple as inserting needles. Providers must be aware of anatomy, muscles and areas of risk.

TITAN has developed a solid training plan that spans from between six and eight weeks. It includes 40 hours of training in the anatomy and the field. If your practice is able to invest in top-quality training today you’ll benefit from the benefits in the future.

How to Screen Candidates

In her many years in the medical spa industry, Hagen identified certain qualities that top injectors have. In addition, at TITAN Hagen developed an assessment tool to evaluate prospective employees. It includes:

  • Right/left brain quiz: Determines creativity.
  • Assessment of aptitude and communication: Do they understand what their job entails? What is their identity as an individual? Are they able to market?
  • Assessment of the face: What do they notice when they gaze at the face? There are the appearance of wrinkles and gray hair or even bright eyes. But what are the nuanced features?
  • Overview of hobbies: Hagen’s found that top injectors generally have some kind of artistic interest.

TITAN has completed more than 500 screenings, the clients of TITAN have noticed an exact correlation between their income and screening scores. Although you can’t employ the exact screening, you can use the ideas of a certain quality to consider.

Hagen suggests the med spas make a development plan for their aesthetic professionals that includes appraisals of performance, compensation talk goals, goal-setting, and development. This helps injectors feel appreciated and committed to their job.

Learn More About Hiring and Training Injectors With Skytale

If you’re in the position of being a medical spa owner in a fast-growing industry, don’t try to go through the process by yourself. Skytale assists medical aesthetic practices develop organically and expand to many locations. The hiring of top service providers is an integral an essential part in the procedure. Contact us!

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