Historic Mosques in Makah

Historic Mosques in Makah
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08 February 2023

The House of Allah SWT is what makes Makah famous. Muslims pray with their faces turned toward the Makah, which they consider to be the Qibla. February Umrah by Islamic Travel can help Muslims visit this holy city. For rituals, you have to come to this city if you want to do Hajj or Umrah. While you're in this city, you can see that there are a lot of masjids, which are Islamic places of worship with a lot of history. In this article, we take a look at some of Makah city's old mosques.

1-Masjid Al Haram: Without a doubt, the Masjid Al Haram is the first mosque that needs to be talked about. This is the Kaaba, which is the House of God and is in this Masjid. All Muslims around the world face the house of Allah SWT when they pray. The Masjid built around the Kaaba is an old mosque that has changed over time and in response to needs. Even now, construction is still going on as part of a plan to expand the mosque in 2030.

2-Asy-Syajaraj Masjid: By the grace of Allah SWT, the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW performs many miracles to show non-believers that Allah is one and that he is the creator of everything. One of these miracles was used to build this mosque, which is called Asy Syajari. This happened when a non-believer didn't listen to what our holy Prophet SAW was saying. Then, by the grace of Allah, the Prophet Muhammad SAW showed him the miracle by moving the tree to where he was standing. This place has now been turned into a mosque.

3-Al-Jinn Masjid: This mosque is only 300 metres away from the Ar-Rayah mosque. This mosque is also known as the Al-Harras masjid, but most people just call it the Masjid Jinn. This is where a group of Jinn converted to Islam and began spreading the word about our Holy Prophet SAW. The Holy Prophet himself and his friend Abdullah Bin Masud went to this place. A lot of Muslims come to this spot to pray. Muslims have a special place in their hearts for this mosque because it is an old one.

4-Ar-Rayah Masjid: When our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW took over Makkah, he put a flag in the same spot where this masjid is now built. Flag is another meaning of the name Ar-Rayah. On the way to Janat ul Mala, this masjid is about 1 km from the house of Allah SWT. Abdullah Ibn Abbas, a follower of the holy prophet Muhammad SAW, built this masjid as a memorial.

5-Baiah Ar-Ridhwan Masjid: This masjid is also called Masjid Hudaibiyyah. This is where Miqat is done. About 24 kilometres separate it from the Masjid Al Haram. Muslims come to this place, say they want to do Umrah, and put on their Ihram clothes. On the sixth Hajrah, the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW and his companions went from Medina to Makah to do Umrah. However, the people of Makah stopped them here and wouldn't let them into Makah. There, the Holy prophet Muhammad SAW negotiated with the people of Makah. This is a famous negotiation that is very important in the Islamic tradition.

6-Ayesha Masjid: This is another well-known mosque about 8 km from the Masjid-al-Haram. A lot of pilgrims come to this place to put on Ihram and say they want to do Umrah again. This is a very large masjid where the best arrangements have been made to help Hajis.

There's no doubt that Makah is famous because of the House of Allah SWT, but the birthplace of our Holy Prophet SAW also has a lot to tell. This city is where Islamic traditions began, and it is now the most holy city in the world. You can find January umrah packages 2023 near me to get there.

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