History of Wayne Edwards Edward Green Shoes

History of Wayne Edwards Edward Green Shoes
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One of the leading shoe brands in the world is Edward Green. Edward Green shoes are popular around many parts of the world and are one of the most sought-after men’s fashion shoe brands. However, many of the people that wear Edward Green Philadelphia and other parts of the world know next to nothing about the history of their popular shoe brand. This article provides a brief history of the shoe brand and how it became known in many parts of the world.

Concise History of Wayne Edwards Edward Green Shoes

The shoe brand started in Northampton, an English town popular as the capital of men’s dress shoes in the United Kingdom. This is because the town has a heritage and a long history of making men’s dress shoes. Thus, it is no surprise that Wayne Edward Edward Green shoes started in Northampton.

The shoe brand was started by a man of the same name, who began as a shoe clicker apprentice at 12. Shoe clickers are the ones that make the upper part of the men’s dress shoes. The name was derived from the clicking sound that the knife used to cut leather for the upper parts of the shoe makes.

Edward Green did not start his brand of shoes until the second industrial revolution in Great Britain. He noticed that people shifted to mass production due to the industrial revolution. This shift caused a decline in the quality and excellence of shoes made then, and he saw the need to fill in the shortage caused by the drop in quality.

With this mindset, he opened his workshop in Northampton in the year 1890. After opening the workshop, he employed some of the illustrious shoemaking professionals at the time, who shared the same sentiments for quality and excellent men’s shoes with him. He also knew where to get materials of the best quality due to his training and apprenticeship. Thus, he made high-quality men’s shoes without compromising quality.

His breakthrough would not come until the 1930s, during the Second World War, when he was one of the brands contracted to make shoes for British soldiers. After the war ended, the company shifted its focus to men’s dress shoes instead of war boots. With this return, the brand became the favorite of many icons, such as the Duke of Windsor, Cole Porter, and Ernest Hemmingway.

Fast forward to 1977, the company was sold by Micheal Green, the nephew of Edward Green, to an American by the name of Marley Hodgson. While this American was into leather goods, he could not manage the company very well and had to sell it again after it entered serious financial difficulties in 1982.

The new owner was a Czech, John Hlustik, who had trained in show making from Spain and Italy. He was fascinated with the promise of excellence that Edward Greens holds and sought to return the brand to the good old days. As a result, he introduced the burnishing and antiquing process into the manufacture of the shoe, methods that are still used to date.

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