Home Security Tips: Is a Home Alarm Worth It?

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When it comes to matters of protecting your home security, some people think that no expense should be spared. Home alarm systems are just the beginning. 10-foot tall fences, steal-beamed security doors, security cameras, and retina scanners are all part of the game. After all, it is a scary world out there, and no one is really safe. All it takes is getting unlucky, and before you know it you could be the victim of a brutal home invasion, leaving your family financially, physically, and emotionally devastated, and wondering why you did not do more to protect yourselves.

Other people think that such talk is 100 percent pure American-made paranoia. The number of people who are actually the victims of violent crimes is quite low in California and across the country, especially if you live in a middle class neighborhood. security camera installation in los angeles Certainly if you rent a street-level apartment in South Central Los Angeles, you are just asking for trouble. But if you have a mid-size home in Marin County, a pair of trained attack dogs seems highly unnecessary and even downright excessive.

So for those who are neither paranoid nor cavalier, navigating which home security measures to take and which to pass over can be difficult. One of the most common security devices that many people consider is the home alarm security system. These alarms tend to be the cornerstone of any proper defense. But are they worth it?

The short answer is yes. First of all, with so many different companies and options from which to choose, installing an alarm has never been cheaper. When you look at the value you are getting for the money you are putting down, the choice is clear. Not only that, but home alarm systems barely inconvenience the homeowner, which is another plus. Compare that to something like a steal security door that has to be manually opened and shut despite being incredibly heavy, or to a thumbprint scanner meant to block outsiders from your house, and you will see how much sense it makes to simply invest in an alarm. 

In order to activate it, all you need to do is enter a short code that you create, and press a button that says something like "Arm" or "Away". Then voilà, your system is armed and ready. Often, it will give you 60 seconds to get out of the house so that you can head to work, or catch the cab that will take you to the airport. Then, while you are away, if an intruder so much as smashes a window, the alarm will instantly go off and alert the police, who will be on the scene within seconds or minutes depending on where you live.

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