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If you are new to the world of hearing treatment, or you’re just starting your search for hearing aids to treat your hearing loss then there can be a lot of things that can catch you off guard if you’re unprepared. It is necessary to use a hearing aid to improve your quality of life and the way you communicate with others.  Here we discuss the 5 things will changes the way you approach hearing aids :

Adaptation of hearing aids

It may happen with hearing aids when you are getting all the sounds clearly, some sounds may be louder, unclear or irritating to your ears, it’s completely normal as in the beginning your ears may take time to adjust with the hearing aid. To get accustomed to your hearing aid, gradually start wearing it all day long. If you are unable to do so, start wearing it at least an hour with a gap of an hour. Start wearing hearing aids when in a quiet ambience to avoid loudness, as it can harm your ears. The second thing to expect from your new hearing aids is that some things will sound annoying. Some are the sound of the toilet flushing, vehicle running, the sound of crinkling paper all of which can be made particularly more annoying but the good news is most hearing aid wearers get used to this sound as long as you’re wearing your hearing aids consistently.

Volume control

Audiologist & Speech language Pathologist recommends that checking volume control of the hearing aid before putting it into your ears is a must. Patients are suggested not to increase or decrease volume control frequently as it damages ears. Ears need sufficient time to get adjusted to the volume as it varies from person to person. Audiologists often run training sessions to help hearing aids users to get accustomed to the volume of the hearing aids and users are strongly recommended to regularly visit an audiologist for any kind of volume adjustment. They recommend not to shout or talk loudly while using a hearing aid , start wearing it in a quiet ambience. In initial days, you must get used to hearing aids in normal conditions then go for using it while watching a tv or cell phone.

Wear them proudly

The stigma associated with hearing aids is quickly fading into history as we become a more tech-focused society. So if you are still shy about wearing  hearing aids, don’t be, after all, they’re what will keep you connected to the sounds of life, boosting your self-confidence and your overall happiness.

Keep a spare battery

Since most hearing aids still use disposable batteries, it is a terrific idea to keep some spare batteries on you, or keep some spare batteries stashed in different places, so just in case your hearing aid batteries unexpectedly go out of you, you are not caught up a creek without a paddle. If you do find yourself in a situation where you don’t have any spare hearing aid batteries, you can pretty much pick them up anywhere,at any convenience store. Now if you’re an individual who uses a rechargeable set of hearing aids, then it’s probably a good idea to get yourself a spare charger. A lot of hearing aid manufacturers have chargers that are smaller than the types of chargers that you keep at home, so you can put them anywhere as per your convenience and it's travel friendly too to charge up your hearing aids really quick to get you through the rest of the day.

Maintenance on Hearing aids

Moisture is the enemy of electronics, and even though most hearing aids today are made with an IP67 or IP68 rating, which indicates that are really high from a dirt and debris and moisture- resistance standpoint, it is always a good idea to keep your hearing aids as dry as possible to ensure that they have the longest longevity and the highest sound quality possible. Hearing aids manufactured in Singapore are best in built quality with high end features like water resistance, bluetooth connectivity etc and they are low in maintenance and best from the price point as well.

Hearing aids are a boon for deaf and people with hearing disabilities. Always feel free and positive to consult a Audiologist & Speech Language Pathologist regarding hearing aids , as it’s a technology made for your benefit, to make your life easy from being miserable and make you a confident individual. Common issues with hearing aid is fitting and use are the occlusion effect, loudness recruitment, and understanding speech in noise which can be shortened easily by Audiologist’s sessions and as soon as you get adopted, and start using it as per your convenience. Hearing aid in Singapore comes with all the goodness and variety and it will provide you with a wide variety of choices, you can go for what best suits you and according to your issue.

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