How can I book a cheap airline ticket?

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When travelling by air, getting affordable flights is the concern of every customer whether travelling business class or economy class. Nobody likes overspending on a flight ticket. That’s why understanding the art of flight booking is a whole skill in itself. Whether you are a frequent flyer or taking a flight for the first time, ticket prices keep on fluctuating. So, the best tip to get cheap airline tickets is to search online for it or also contact the airline’s customer support through Ethiopian airlines booking phone number or other airlines and get an estimate.

Here are some tips to help you book a cheap airline ticket.

Be flexible with your travel dates.

Being flexible in your travel dates means you shouldn’t be rigid about travelling on already set dates in your mind. It’s better if you can get affordable flights for the exact dates of your travel but it isn’t always the case. So, when booking a flight keep a margin of going a little later or earlier to your destination as per the flight availability.

Keep on looking for cheap flights for several days and book whenever it feels right to do so by being flexible in your travel dates.


Prebooking your flights is always an intelligent move to save the extra cost. Usually, for international travel trips, a prebooking time of almost 60 to 90 days (2-3 months) should be observed. However, if you are travelling domestically, you can also pre-book your flight a month before and still get cheap flying rates. 

So, always pre-plan your travel trip to prebook your flights. Otherwise, last-minute booking can cost you nearly double the actual amount.

Look for promotional discounts.

There are plenty of promotional discounts being constantly offered by the airlines themselves. For instance, during the holiday season, summer/winter vacation, spring break, etc. So, always keep an eye on these promotions and book your flights for the next travel tip early. 

For this, subscribe to the e-mail notifications of your desired airlines as well as to their newsletters. Therefore, helping you to get free upgrades, complimentary services as well as discounted travel rates.

Book your flight during the less busy times.

It is advised to book your flight for cheaper rates during the less busy times of the day. Early morning and mid-nights are considered the best for it because of the lesser online traffic present.

Browse through the variety of flight options.

Never settle on the first option you see. Rather, browse through different flight fares of different airlines for the route you wish to travel to your destination. Book whatever best suits your needs as well as affordability.

Lastly, the airline you are booking your flight with also determines the affordability of your ticket. Travelling with famous and top-notch airlines would always cost you more than flying with ones with a lower standard of luxury services. So, it’s all up to your personal choice and preference.

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