How can scamming Delta 8 companies be avoided?

How can scamming Delta 8 companies be avoided?
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27 March 2023

A startling number of low-quality or outright unscrupulous brands on this market prove that not all edibles delta 8 gummies vendors are made equal.

We advise conducting your investigation and due diligence before obtaining any cannabis extract.

Here is the list of delta 8 companies that should never be used. Never purchase from companies who have already been exposed for defrauding clients or fabricating test results. Several of the businesses on this list, though not directly liars, are owned by companies that have.


This delta 8 firm asserts that Charlotte's Web hemp is the source of its 8 THC. Yet, this strain has negligible amounts of delta 8. Hence it's almost entirely a fabrication intended to capitalize on a well-known marijuana strain to persuade consumers to purchase its goods.

Also, another warning sign is the fact that Trulieve doesn't disclose test findings for zinc bromide or zinc chloride.


This company has been exposed for creating fictitious Reddit accounts to flood the site with excessively enthusiastic product reviews unrelated to what can be pretty expressed about the use of delta 8 THC.

According to a Reddit member, this business was allegedly utilizing the same proxy as 3Chi. Even if this is a coincidence, it's unlikely that these two businesses would work together unless the same people found them.


Although the business may not be questionable in and of itself, the fact that its packaging is easily accessible online for use raises serious red flags. Many low-quality items with the CannaClear label can be found; some of these products contain vitamin E acetate and other synthetic compounds known to be harmful when smoked.

The absence of any certifications of analysis further demonstrates the potency and purity of CannaClear products.

Honey Creek Laboratories

This company has lately been exposed for falsifying its lab reports and refusing to address any inquiries about its manufacturing procedures. When a Reddit user compared the results of the independent lab's study of a sample of the company's products with the batch number the company provided, the results didn't match.


This business sells delta 8 THC for a low price but has no website or indication of where it came from. For those who believe they have finally located an affordable source of delta 8, it is either a hoax or the company is offering impure or imported delta 8 powder. Buy nothing from this seller.

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