How Do I Get a Permit to Climb Mera Peak?

How Do I Get a Permit to Climb Mera Peak?

One of the tallest hiking peaks in Nepal is the 6,461-meter Mera Peak (21,190 feet). It would help if you had a climbing permit and a Makalu Barun National Park Permit to climb the summit. A trekking permit may be readily obtained at the Nepal Tourism Board office in Bhirkutimandap, Kathmandu, and a climbing permit for Mera Peak from the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA).

The price of a climbing permit can range from USD 70 to USD 250 depending on the season, while a national park permit is USD 15 for SAARC citizens and USD 30 for other countries. Trekkers may readily get trekking permits. However, only trekking companies registered with the government can assist you in obtaining climbing permission.

One of the most breathtaking views of the Himalayas can be seen at the peak, where one can see five of the six most enormous mountains (Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyo, Makalu, and Kanchenjunga). Technically, just the most fundamental mountaineering abilities are needed to cross the high-altitude glaciers and pass since the summit's elevation makes it a problematic hiking peak.

These are some crucial details regarding the Mera Peak climbing permit for people who intend to climb Mera Peak.


Documents Needed for a Mera Peak Climbing Permit

The following is some required documentation for the Mera Peak Climbing Permit:

  • Two photographs the size of a passport for every permit
  • A photocopied passport;
  • Fillable applications
  • You must be prepared to pay the permit fee in Nepali currency in advance.
  • It is highly advised to purchase travel insurance because it covers helicopter rescues.
  • It is advisable to contact a trekking organization in Nepal before leaving on your journey since there is a procedure to follow to receive a climbing permit from NMA.


Cost of the Mera Peak Climbing Permit

To climb Mera Peak, you must have two separate permits. Yet the price of permits varies depending on the season you choose. Hence, below, we've included two necessary permissions along with their associated costs:


Cost of an NMA Mera Peak Climbing Permit

This is the genuine NMA permit required to reach the summit of Mera Peak. The price of the climbing permit varies according to the time of year you go. Due to the ideal weather and outstanding mountain vistas, spring and fall are the best times to climb Mera Peak. As a result, the price of a permit is higher during certain times of the year than in the summer and winter off-season. The Mera Peak permits' per-person costs are broken out by NMA as follows.

  • March through May during the springtime; USD 250 per person
  • From September to November, the autumn season costs USD 125 per person.
  • Summertime (June to August): USD 70 per individual
  • Winter (December to February): USD 70 per individual


Entry fee for Makalu Barun National Park

From Sagarmatha to Makalu national parks, the Mera Peak path runs. Makalu Barun National Park Entrance Permit is thus the following necessary permission. Also, the price of a Barun National Park Permit is around USD 15 (NRS 1500) for SAARC citizens and USD 30 (NRS 3000) for other countries.


Cost Of Rubbish Deposit to Climb Mera Peak

Moreover, you must pay NMA a 500 USD Trash Deposit fee. This waste expense is entirely returned after your vacation, per the NMA's provisions. This incites all climbers to gather and bring back all the trash. Also, doing so will encourage people to dispose of their waste during and after their vacation. Often, travel companies charge their customers this money upfront and then reimburse them once the trip is complete. To make the transaction simpler, Third Rock Adventures makes the payment on our customers' behalf.

However, these climbing permits can only be obtained indirectly from the government of Nepal; instead, you must travel through a local trekking company authorized by the government, such as Third Rock Adventures. You can get in touch with us for more help.


Practical Advice for Mera Peak Climbing Permits

No monies paid for the Mera Peak Climbing Permit are refundable or transferable. The authorized individual may only use them once to enter the regions listed on the permit.

Because the appropriate person will verify your permits when climbing in the designated location, you must carry your Mera Peak Climbing Permit exceptionally carefully during the hike. You can only continue your travel if you provide the permissions. Keep your permits secure with you at all times as you hike.

The National Park and Wildlife Conservation Act of 2029 B.S. protects the National Park and Conservation Area. As a result, you must follow the act's rules and restrictions. You will pay a fee or face legal charges if you violate these rules and regulations. Therefore, please, act appropriately.



Mera Peak is one of the best choices for climbers aiming to reach the top of one of Nepal's tallest hiking peaks. Although climbing Mera Peak doesn't need highly specialized mountaineering abilities, the elevation makes it an adventurous and challenging climb. Before beginning your climbing expedition, you must also get the necessary permissions. Two permits are required; one is for hiking, and the other is for climbing. Trekkers may quickly get trekking permits, but only trekking agencies with official government registration can assist you in obtaining climbing permission. You can thus contact us if you need any more help. We'll make sure you promptly obtain permission.

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