How do I put on tights? Tights Wearing Tips

How do I put on tights? Tights Wearing Tips
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To put on tights correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Right Size: Tights are usually sized according to weight and height. Check the packaging that comes with the tights to determine the size that matches your weight and height range. If you're uncomfortable because your tights are too tight, consider moving up a size. Your tights should still fit well enough to stay around your waist. If you're taller than average or have longer-than-average legs, choose a size marked "tall". If your measurements fall in between sizes, always choose the larger of the two.
  1. Prepare Your Hands and Feet: Remove any jewelry that could snag the material, and buff any rough edges from your fingernails, toenails, hands, and feet.
  1. Remove Packaging and Stretch the Tights: Unfold your tights carefully and remove any cardboard backing tucked inside. Stretch the tights gently to create some give before you start putting them on, but be careful not to pull too hard and risk tearing them.
  1. Sit Down and Hold the Tights: Sit in a steady position and hold the tights with the front or toe facing forward. Check for tags inside the waistband to identify the front from the back.
  1. Put on the Tights: Starting on either the right or left side, hold the waist of the tights and gently bunch the leg, gathering the fabric until the inside of the toe is exposed. Point your toe and slip your foot inside the tights, making sure the foot of the tights fits nicely around your toe and heel. Gently stretch the material and unroll it up your leg. Repeat these steps for the other leg. After partially pulling the tights up each leg, stand up and continue gently unrolling the material. Continue to pull up the tights until the waistband is positioned around your natural waistline.
  1. Make Adjustments: Check for areas where the tights are bunched or places where your skin feels pinched. If you see a place where your tights are twisted, your best bet is to take them off and repeat the process more carefully. Use the flats of your hands to adjust any wrinkles. If you're wearing patterned or seamed tights, ensure that the design is placed appropriately on your legs.

Remember, tights are delicate and can easily tear or snag. So, be gentle and patient while putting them on. Learn more about tights and other dresses on Mom Outfit Blog. 

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