How Do Therapies For Infertility Function And How Successful Are They?

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Science steps in with infertility medicines when nature is unable to finish the task. The fusion of the wife's egg with the husband's sperm is a component of all infertility treatments. For this to occur in her womb or in a lab, different levels of complexity, care, and technology are needed along with the Top Gynecologist Doctor in Ahmedabad if you’re staying in. The three most popular infertility treatments are briefly described below:

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

IUI is often the first line of treatment in the majority of infertility cases. This process involves gathering the husband's semen, washing it to separate the motile sperm from the seminal fluid, and then introducing the sperm into the wife's uterus through a specialized sterile tube. In order to ovulate (release mature eggs from the ovaries at the appropriate time), the wife is administered hormones. It has a success rate of between 10% and 15%, even at the Best Gynec Hospital Ahmedabad like Vatsalya Women’s Hospital.

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

In IVF, the woman's egg is removed and placed in a glass dish with her husband's sperm in the laboratory following hormone therapy and an ultrasound to determine ovulation. The woman's egg will be fertilized by one of the sperm. With success rates of up to 40% every cycle, this is the most popular infertility treatment option.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

Contrary to IVF, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) involves injecting a single sperm into a hollow glass needle and placing it directly into the egg to fertilize it. Naturally, this necessitates far more modern environments, education, and technology. ICSI is advised in situations of severe male infertility since only the healthiest and best sperm are utilized for fertilization.

The success rate for IVF/ICSI is roughly 50% at the best gynec hospital Ahmedabad, where infertility treatment is provided ethically. By the way, be extremely cautious if somebody "guarantees" a baby. It takes at least four cycles even for the top gynecologist in Ahmedabad with a higher success rate!

Each of these infertility treatments is appropriately given based on the age and reproductive potential of the couple. The more care the clinic takes with regard to diagnosis, testing, medication, retrieval, fertilization, monitoring, counseling, and support, the better your chances of becoming pregnant. This is the one thing, though, that all clinics do the same.

Additionally, Vatsal Women's gynec hospital Ahmedabad goes above and beyond:

  • We gather eggs in a facility that many clinics do not have.
  • We transfer the eggs to a class clean room-compliant laboratory, which is far safer than the majority of clinics.
  • Because each center has a staff of embryologists, there is no delay between retrieval and fertilization. Most clinics lack internal teams with a specific focus. Instead, a number of unrelated clinics pool their embryologists, which means that fertilization typically takes place when it is most convenient for the clinic and not for you.
  • And the embryos are developed in specialized incubators that safeguard and promote the health of the embryos.

What Factors Affect Whether Or Not An IVF Is Successful?

The factors listed below affect whether or not an IVF cycle will be successful:

Age: It is the main variable affecting the outcome of an IVF cycle. Women between the ages of 24 and 34 had the greatest success rates with IVF treatment. The success rate steadily decreases after 40 years. IVF is less effective as you age, but you should still look into your other options because the operation is dependent on your health and medical background.

Previous pregnancies: If a couple has experienced recurrent losses, IVF success becomes more difficult.

Fertility problems: Female reproductive issues such as uterine abnormalities, fibroid tumors, ovarian dysfunction, and blocked fallopian tubes can also affect how successfully the IVF cycle works. However, IVF can address a variety of infertility issues.

Lifestyle: If you or your partner smoke a lot, your chances of getting pregnant are decreased. You ought to stop smoking if you wish to start a family. Being overweight or underweight might also reduce the likelihood that an IVF procedure will be effective. Living a healthy lifestyle is therefore essential to keep them from jeopardizing the outcome of your IVF.

Quality: The success of an IVF cycle depends on the quality of the egg and embryo, which is influenced by age, ovarian reserve, and sperm quality, among other variables.

Uterine receptivity: Uterine receptivity is just as important as embryo quality. To have a healthy pregnancy is essential. The shape of the uterine cavity and the thickness of the uterus lining are two characteristics that affect uterine receptivity.


For gaining the best knowledge regarding any infertility concerns get yourself connected with a top gynecologist doctor in Ahmedabad. Vatsla Women’s Hospital being the best gynec hospital Ahmedabad has the best infrastructure to provide you with the best infertility treatment with higher success rates.

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