How do you put CPD on a CV?

How do you put CPD on a CV?
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11 December 2023

In today's competitive job market, continuous professional development (CPD) plays a crucial role in enhancing your career prospects. Employers value candidates who actively invest in their professional growth and stay updated with industry trends. Incorporating CPD on CV can significantly boost your chances of landing your dream job. This blog will provide you with valuable insights on how to effectively showcase your CPD achievements on your CV. From highlighting CPD in job-specific sections to leveraging CPD College certificates and CPD points, we'll explore various strategies to ensure your CV stands out from the rest. Let's dive into the world of CPD in CVs and unlock new opportunities for professional success.

I. Understand the Importance of CPD:

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is crucial in today's rapidly evolving job market. Employers value candidates who actively engage in professional development as it demonstrates their commitment to learning and growing in their field. By including your CPD efforts on your CV, you can showcase your dedication to staying updated and acquiring new skills and knowledge.

II. Determine Relevant CPD Activities:

When including CPD on your CV, it is important to focus on activities that are directly related to your industry or desired career path. There are various types of CPD activities that can be included, such as courses, workshops, conferences, and webinars. It is essential to select high-quality and recognized sources for your CPD opportunities to ensure their credibility and value.

III. Organize Your CPD Section:

To present your CPD information effectively, it is advisable to create a separate section dedicated solely to your CPD activities. This will make it easier for potential employers to locate and evaluate your professional development efforts. Consider using a clear and visually appealing format, ensuring that you include dates, activity titles, providers, and any relevant certifications achieved.

IV. Highlight Key Takeaways from Each Activity:

When including CPD activities on your CV, it is important to briefly summarize what you learned or gained from each experience. Focus on practical skills acquired or knowledge gained that is applicable to the desired role. These key takeaways should showcase your professional growth and relevance to potential employers.

V. Quantify Your Achievements:

To add credibility and specificity to your CPD section, it is beneficial to quantify your achievements. Include metrics such as the number of hours completed, certificates earned, or qualifications obtained. By quantifying your CPD efforts, you provide concrete evidence of your commitment to professional development.

VI. Showcase Continuous Learning:

Employers value candidates who actively pursue ongoing professional development. When including CPD on your CV, it is essential to demonstrate your commitment to continuous learning. Include CPD activities from recent years to portray your dedication to staying updated in the field. Highlight any efforts made towards pursuing advanced certifications, degrees, or specialized training.

VII. Consider Relevance to the Job:

Tailoring your CPD section to each specific job application is crucial. Prioritize and prominently feature activities that directly align with the desired role or industry. Remove or downplay activities that may not be as relevant for certain job applications. By customizing your CPD section, you demonstrate your understanding of the job requirements and highlight your most relevant professional development experiences.


Incorporating CPD on your CV is a powerful way to catch employers' attention and increase your chances of securing your dream job. By understanding the importance of CPD, determining relevant activities, organizing your CPD section effectively, highlighting key takeaways, quantifying your achievements, showcasing continuous learning, and considering relevance to the job, you can present a compelling CPD section on your CV. Take action now and update your CV with a well-presented and impactful CPD section. Good luck in showcasing your commitment to professional growth and development!

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