How HPE2-T37 Dumps Can Help Your Exam?

How HPE2-T37 Dumps Can Help Your Exam?

For those who are interested in HP Product Certified certification, HPE2-T37 dumps can be very useful. They cover the key points of this exam and can be studied in a short span of time. They also provide you with practice tests that can help you evaluate your preparation.

How HPE2-T37 Dumps Can Help Your Exam?

Question: 1

Which statement about M-LAG setup is true?

A. When combined with IRF, M-LAG will allow you to aggregate ports coming from clustered HPE Synergy Virtual Connect modules.
B. M-LAG for HPE Synergy can be either single-homed or multi-homed, while for HPE BladeSystem only single-homed.
C. sFLOW cannot be enabled if M-LAG is configured between HPE Synergy Virtual Connect modules in the same frame.
D. M-LAG has to be defined manually for HPE BladeSystem, but it is automatically configured for HPE Synergy.




Question: 2

Which statement about a Logical Enclosure for HPE BladeSystem is Hue?
Answer: A

A. A logical enclosure can have between 1 to 5 HPE BladeSystem c7000 enclosures.
B. A logical enclosure must be created only for monitored HPE BladeSystem C700O enclosures.
C. A logical enclosure is created automatically, and it is always based on a single enclosure.
D. A logical enclosure can contain a mix of HPE BladeSystem c7000 and C3000 enclosures.

Answer: C


Question: 3

Refer to the exhibit.
 How HPE2-T37 Dumps Can Help Your Exam?

Which statement about the logical interconnect shown is true?

A. For FC uplink sets, an additional uplink from second module should be added for redundancy.
B. The maximum supported number of the internal networks for logical interconnect is configured.
C. Additional uplink ports can be added to ETH-Uplink to increase available bandwidth.
 D. FC uplinks are not supported and will be converted to FCoE or RoCE uplinks.

Answer: C



Question: 4

Refer to the exhibit.

How HPE2-T37 Dumps Can Help Your Exam?

Your customer wants to define a Logical Interconnect Group (UG) and set the redundancy of the master modules to highly available, but this option is not available. What is a possible reason?

A. There are not sufficient frames for highly available setup.
B. Some master modules only support a redundant setup.
 C. Firmware on the master modules is too low to support highly available setup.
D. A dedicated license must be added to HPE OneView to enable this feature.

Answer: B


Question: 5

You try to add an HPE Primera array to HPE OneView, but you get a connectivity error. However, you can connect to the array using SSMC. What should you verify before adding HPE Primera to HPE OneView?

A. whether WSAPI service is enabled on HPE Primera array.
B. whether the appropriate license for HPE Primera Is available in HPE OneView.
C. whether array management using HPE OneView is enabled in SSMC.
D. whether there are at least two Fibre Channel networks defined in HPE OneView.


Answer: A

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