How Much Does a Panorex X-ray Machine Cost?

How Much Does a Panorex X-ray Machine Cost?
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A panorex X-ray machine, otherwise referred to as a dental panoramic imaging system, is an essential tool for dentists and specialists. Panoramic dental X-ray technology has been around for over half a century, popularly used by dental professionals to generate 2D scans of a patient’s dental anatomy, including their complete dentition, along with the maxilla and mandible. .

Nowadays, most dentists have upgraded from film panorex X-ray machines to digital imaging. Digital scans are typically faster, easier to store, and can simplify sharing patient records with referring doctors. With many digital panorex brands available in the marketplace today, it can be hard to pick the best one for your practice. It’s an important decision for you, your staff, and especially your patients.

To help dentists shopping for a panorex X-ray system, we’re sharing the average cost dental professionals can expect to pay for a digital panoramic imaging system.

Types of Panorex X-ray Machines

Before we discuss the cost of a panoramic X-ray machine, it’s important to know the types of panorex X-ray machines available.

Based on the procedures you offer, some dental professionals can be served with a simple 2D panoramic imaging unit. Many brands offer high-quality panoramic X-ray units that capture images at a reduced radiation level. These are the most basic extraoral imaging systems that are found in the vast majority of general dentistry practices.

Thanks to the rising demand for 3D imaging, dental cone beam (also known as CBCT) units are becoming more accessible to dentists and specialists. CBCT gives a much more robust view of the patient’s anatomy - allowing doctors to offer advanced services due to the superior capabilities that 3D imaging provides. Many CBCT systems available in the marketplace today feature either a dedicated panoramic sensor for 2D imaging or the ability to extract 2D panoramic images from 3D scans.

Finally, doctors offering orthodontic or similar services may require a cephalometric scan to capture a complete 2D view of the patient's skull. These can be captured by a pan/ceph machine, which includes an additional module for capturing a cephalometric image. And, there are dental imaging systems available that combine all three of these modalities (panoramic + ceph + cone beam) - for holistic 2D and 3D imaging capabilities.

So, a panoramic X-ray can be taken in a variety of ways, and knowing the type of equipment you need is critical before you buy.

The Average Cost of a 2D-Only Pan Machine

Choosing a 2D-only panorex X-ray machine will help you reduce your initial investment cost, but limit your imaging capability. With a pan/ceph or CBCT, the price you’ll pay will exceed the investment for a 2D panoramic.

Dental professionals researching panorex X-rays will find a wide variety of brands and features. The price you can expect to pay for a new panorex X-ray machine from a reputable brand with a good mix of features will range from $20,000-$30,000. There are also brands and models available which allow you to purchase 2D panoramic machines today that can be upgraded later to 3D CBCT or with optional ceph attachment so your machine can grow with your practice.

The Average Cost of a 3D CBCT with Dedicated Panoramic

Making the investment in CBCT can be a significant purchase for a practice. Offering this advanced imaging technology to patients could allow you to expand your service offering as well as retain more patients in-house.

The price you’ll pay for 3D imaging is higher than 2D only. This cost also scales based on your desired field of view (FOV), ranging in three sizes: small, medium, and large. As the FOV increases, so does the cost of the machine.

Generally, the range you can expect to pay is $40,000–$100,000 for a small-to-midsize CBCT machine with a dedicated panoramic from a reputable brand.

The Average Cost of a 2D-Only Pan/Ceph Machine

If your dental practice provides orthodontic treatment, you’ll likely require a ceph attachment on your panoramic machine. The price you can expect to pay for a new 2D pan/ceph X-ray machine will range from $30,000-$50,000. Again, some brands and certain models are available to be later upgraded with a ceph attachment as your imaging needs change.

How to Save 30-50% Off New List Prices on Panorex X-ray Machines

Did you know that you can save 30-50% off the above list prices by purchasing certified pre-owned imaging equipment?

For over 10 years, Renew Digital has been the leader in certified pre-owned dental imaging equipment. They carry a wide range of all of the panorex X-ray machines mentioned above, as well as intraoral scanners.

They back the quality of their pre-owned equipment through a rigorous system of testing and inspection, and then offer peace of mind with their comprehensive parts and labor warranty so you can be sure the equipment they install will work safely and effectively for many years to come. They also provide full-service installation and training and project management services, just as you would receive if you purchased a new machine.

Not sure which brand or model is right for you? All Renew Digital sales representatives are experts across all leading brands. Their brand-neutral approach helps dental professionals match the right equipment to their needs, not limiting them to only a particular line.

Reach a dedicated sales rep by calling Renew Digital at (888) 246-5611 or completing an online form. Your rep will work with you to determine how your equipment will be used, where it will be placed, and match you to the brands and models most likely to work within your configuration. From purchase through installation, they will be there to provide you with the 5-star rated customer service they’ve been known for over the past decade.

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