How much is car insurance

How much is car insurance
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Auto insurance is insurance with a wide range of prices depending on conditions such as the model, class, and the presence or absence of special contracts. Car insurance is difficult to come up with an average market price, such as light cars are cheap, large wagons and imported cars from foreign countries are expensive, but insurance premiums vary greatly depending on the age of the driver. It is expensive for young people who just got their license, and it is the cheapest for people in their 30s to 50s.

In this article, we will explain the approximate market price by age and how to keep your insurance premiums as low as possible.

How to quote car insurance

How much is car insurance

Car insurance premiums are completely different depending on the difference in each person's lifestyle and what they place importance on.

For example, if you just got your driver's license and bought a new car for the first time, you may choose a high-compensation policy, even if the premiums are high, in case of an accident. Also, if you have just started working and have a used car, you may think that even if the coverage is small, the insurance premium is low.

If the policyholder causes an accident, the insurance company will pay the insurance premium, so the insurance companyHigher premiums for people with high accident risk and lower premiums for people with low accident riskdoing.

Calculate insurance premium

Insurance premiums are calculated based on various factors such as [Non-fleet class] [Color of driver's license] [Age of driver] [Range of driver] [Accident coefficient applicable period] [Usage] [Vehicle type/model]. increase.

age of driver

The age of the driver is divided into [all ages], [21 years old and over], [26 years old and over], [30 years old and over], and [ 35 years old and over]. Insurance premiums are high for people in their 20s, who are more at risk, while insurance premiums are lower for people in their 30s and 40s, who have become accustomed to driving and have improved driving skills. Older people, who are at higher risk of accidents, pay higher insurance premiums. Please note that insurance premiums will not be paid if a person who does not meet the age requirement is driving and gets into an accident.

If you share a car with your family,Match the age of the youngest driveris needed.

Car make/model

Auto insurance has a rate class by model, and the insurance premium varies depending on the make and model of the car. Insurance premiums for vehicles that have had many accidents in the past and many insurance premiums have been claimed will be higher than those for other vehicles. Insurance premiums for light cars are low, and insurance premiums for ordinary cars, hybrids, and wagons go up, and sports cars and foreign cars are incomparably more expensive than light cars.

"Premium rate class by type" is divided into stages from 1 to 3 for light vehicles and from 1 to 17 for ordinary vehicles, and the higher the number, the higher the insurance premium. Rate classes are determined for each of the four coverage types (bodily injury liability insurance, property damage insurance, passenger accident insurance, and vehicle insurance).

Let's look at a concrete example. For example, in the case of the most popular light car "Honda N-BOX", the four types of compensation are "1, 1, 2, 3" in the order introduced earlier, and the vehicle insurance is the highest. It will be a compatible class.

In the case of a normal car, the "Toyota Prius" is "3, 6, 6, 8", but the sports car "Toyota Supra" is "7, 7, 7, 13". Sports cars have a higher accident probability than ordinary sedans, etc., and the vehicle price is also high, so the rate class is very high.

Intended use

The purpose of the vehicle also affects the risk of being involved in an accident. Usually, most insurance companies set it for [business use] [commuting / school] [daily / leisure].

By the way, the order of insurance premiums is [Daily/Leisure], [Commuting/School], and [Business Use]. The more often you drive your car, the longer you drive and the longer the distance, the higher the risk of getting into an accident, so insurance premiums will rise. Also, if you try to reduce the insurance premium and declare a different purpose than the actual purpose of use, you will not be able to receive compensation, so be careful.


The more miles you drive, the more likely you are to have an accident. As a result, your car insurance premiums will vary depending on the distance traveled. Of course, the more miles you drive, the more expensive your car insurance will be. There are some differences depending on the insurance company, but the shortest distance is 3,000 km or less, and from there, it is divided into 7 to 8 categories in increments of 2,000 to 3,000 km from 20,000 km to 20,000 km or more.

The actual mileage can be measured with a trip meter, but the driver can reset it arbitrarily, so we use the non-resettable "odometer". Calculate the mileage by subtracting the mileage on the start date of the policy and the mileage on the end date.


So-calledIt is called [non-fleet grade] and is divided into grades 1 to 20, each with a different discount rate and premium rate.. The grade changes depending on whether you have a previous contract or whether you have an accident history, but when you first sign up for car insurance, it starts from grade 6. If you don't cause an accident, your grade will go up by one when you sign the next year's contract. The higher the grade number, the greater the discount rate.

Different for each insurance company

There are many insurance companies that offer auto insurance, but each company has different prices. If the conditions are the same, the contents of the compensation should be almost the same, so why is there a difference in premiums?

For insurance premiums,[Pure Premium] and [Additional Premium]There are two. Pure premiums are used by insurance companies to pay insurance premiums to policyholders in the event of an accident. On the other hand, add-on premiums are the operating expenses of the insurance company, that is, the profit of the insurance company. That's why different insurance companies charge different rates for the same coverage.

There are various mail-order car insurance these days, but if you are a company that operates a physical store like an agency type, the cost of the store will be higher than the mail-order type. As a result, online car insurance is cheaper than agency-type insurance companies.

Use our insurance rate calculator

Auto insurance premiums can be found on each insurance company's website. You can use the insurance fee calculation tool on the website to enter the necessary items such as age, vehicle type, purpose of use, etc., and you will be able to know the approximate insurance fee.

In order to make the calculation, you will need your vehicle inspection certificate, driver's license, annual mileage and current odometer value, and the previous year's automobile insurance card (not required for the first contract) to confirm the input items. Get ready.

Auto insurance premium market for under 20 years old

How much is car insurance

The car insurance premium market for under 20 years old is the highest among all age groups.Become. Since you can get a driver's license from the age of 18, most people under the age of 20 are beginners who have just obtained a driver's license or drivers with a short driving experience. Driving skills are not high, and there are many people who drive recklessly, so it can be said that the risk of serious accidents is high.

Annual average of about 110,000 to 300,000 yen

The average market price for car insurance premiums for people under the age of 20 is about 110,000 to 300,000 yen per year. If you don't have vehicle insurance for a light car, it costs about 110,000 yen, and if you have an economy contract for an SUV, it costs about 320,000 yen. If the vehicle insurance for a luxury car becomes a general type, it will be about 600,000 yen. I think that paying high insurance premiums just after getting a license will be a big burden, but it can't be helped because you can't change your age.

cheap way

Auto insurance premiums for those under 20 are very expensive, but you can get them cheaper if you put some effort into it. There are ways to use mutual insurance with low insurance premiums and mail-order car insurance, but it will be a little cheaper.

In order to make it a little cheaper, there is a method of [taking over the family's insurance grade] and [getting it in the family's insurance].

If there is a family member who has been driving a car for a long time, you can ask them to hand over the insurance and take over the grade. For example, if a parent has auto insurance for 10 years without an accident, it should be grade 16, which they pass on to their children. Then,The child who took over is contracted at the 16th gradeYou can do it, so your premiums will be cheaper.

As for what to do with the parents who have handed over the car, they can use the second car discount to join from the 7th grade, so the premiums can be significantly reduced compared to when a child under the age of 20 subscribes at the 6th grade. .

The second car discount has four conditions for each of the first and second vehicles.

The conditions for applying for the first vehicle are that the grade is 11 or higher, that it is a privately-owned vehicle of the 8th class, that it is owned by an individual, and that the named insured person is an individual (corporations are not allowed).

The conditions for the second car to be applied are that it is the first car to purchase automobile insurance, that it is a privately owned vehicle of eight types, that it is privately owned and that the owner is the same as the first car, or that spouse or a family member living together with the first car. The insured person must be the same as the first car, or his/her spouse or family member living together.

If the child does not purchase a new car and shares the parent's car, it is possible to have the parent's insurance changed to family-only or all-ages coverage. Parents' insurance premiums will go up, but it will be much cheaper than getting a new car insurance for their children.

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