How Sex Dolls Are Made

How Sex Dolls Are Made
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There are a lot of die-hard sex doll fans in the world, and we don’t blame them! Sex dolls are sexy, beautiful and always eager to spend some unforgettable moments in your arms. For many people, these toys are a great comfort.

Love dolls are a great companion, but have you ever wondered how they become these sexy creatures? Why does having sex with them feel so good?

Simply put, there are a lot of people who spend hours and even days making sure these dolls are made to the highest standards. Their manufacturing process consists of several stages in which they acquire their shape and characteristics.

Since not many of us have the opportunity to visit a real sex doll factory, we prepared this article to explain the entire process to those who might be interested in what goes on behind the scenes.

Next time you lie down with your doll, you'll be a lot smarter.

Stage 1 - Making a sketch of the doll
As with all high-end products, the first thing you need to do to make a sex doll is the sketching stage. Real artists work to bring these dolls to life, creating detailed sketches that are then transferred to the computer.

This is a very important part of the process, as a high-quality sex doll should resemble a real woman in almost every way. That's why designers take the time to draw every little detail to match these expectations.

The completed design was used to create a 3D model of the doll.

The second stage - mold making
Making the doll mold is another necessary step that requires a lot of attention and expertise. In most cases, the entire body of a sex doll (except for the head, which is made separately) is made from one mold.

Some factories choose to use different molds to make different body parts, but this does not have much impact on the final product.

Heads are usually made separately as they require more detailed work to create realistic facial features.

The first basic mold is used to create the female mold - the mold that will support the sex doll's bone structure. The skeleton of the doll is actually a very important part of the whole thing, as it allows its parts to move and makes the experience of having sex with the doll more pleasurable.

At this stage, the mold and skeleton must be perfectly aligned. Only in this way can the desired effect be achieved.

Stage 3 - Fill the mold with TPE or silicone
The third stage is mainly about processing the doll’s materials. The mold is filled with TPE material or silicone - the two most prominent and durable materials used in high-end sex dolls.

It is important to use the right amount of material during this process. Too much TPE or silicone can make the doll too loose and difficult to control. In contrast, if not enough TPE or silicone is used, we end up with a hard form that is difficult to touch or have sex with.

At this stage, things like skin tone and skin texture are also affected. The goal is to achieve human skin tones and textures, which requires a lot of expertise and concentration.

No mistakes are forgiven at this critical stage. Even a small omission can ruin the entire product.

Stage 4 - Fine-tuning
After the mold is filled and cooled, the doll is removed from the mold. This step requires great care.

This leaves us with the basic shape of the doll. The shape is adjusted and shaped by professionals who remove access materials and create the toy's final shape.

Other experts fine-tune the skin and eliminate any blemishes.

Stage Five - Final Customization
At the end of the road, there is still much to do. The final customization stage is the stage where important features are given to the dolls, such as hair, properly modeled breasts and nipples, eyes, nails, teeth, etc., making them resemble real humans.

A sex doll's body has to look and feel like a real woman's, which means a lot of work goes into achieving all the key features and details, starting with the head and ending with the vagina.

At this stage, the doll acquires the specifications of all important customers. Buyers can choose whether they want the doll to have pubic hair, what eye or hair color they want and what breast size they prefer.

All these requests must be included in the final product.

Super deluxe AI sex dolls come with additional enhancements such as built-in heating systems, audio systems, and other more complex features that require more time and expertise.

With all the final touches completed, all that's left is to transport these dream girls to their owners.

We hope this article satisfies your desire to know how to make a sex doll. Our team creates realistic, luxurious sex dolls to the highest standards, all for your pleasure.

Since buyers pay a lot of money for dolls, every stage of production must be conducted and supervised by the most experienced designers and technicians.

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