How Successful Is Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss In Melbourne?

How Successful Is Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss In Melbourne?
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06 November 2023

Imagine you close your eyes and your craving for junk food goes away. You only eat what is good for you and with a consistent effort, you are seeing your body shape coming back to normal. Imagine the effectiveness of weight loss hypnosis in Brisbane, because it truly does. We will tell you how.

A psychotherapist from Harvard Medical School has researched and come to a conclusion that adding a trance to someone’s weight loss efforts can truly help one lose more weight and keep it maintained for a longer time. Hypnosis is in use for carb and calorie counting for a few centuries, but this age-old focused technique is yet to be embraced wholeheartedly as a main stream therapy for weight loss.

We know it is difficult to believe in hypnotherapy because for most of us, it is just getting into a hypothetic state of mind. Unless some has happily lost weight using this technique, it may be hard to believe that this mind-over-body approach could help you get a handle on eating.

Let us help you find it yourself. Here are some mini-concepts that include some diet-altering suggestions that many weight management clients have received during group and individual therapy.

How Successful Is Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss In Melbourne?

• The answer lies within – Hypnotherapy for weight loss in Melbourne works on the principle that you have everything within you to succeed in this world. You do not need any crash diet or the latest appetite suppressant to slim your love handles. Getting slim is all about trusting your abilities that lie within you.

• Believing is seeing – People tend to achieve that they perceive to achieve in life. It applies to hypnosis as well. Hypnosis helps one believe they can achieve all the goals that they have set in life.

• Accentuating positivity – Aversion or negative suggestions, such as French-fries can sicken you, will work for a while, but if you want to create a lasting change in your life, you want to think positively. A hypnotherapist sends positive reinforcements. They make you repeat sentences like, ‘too much food is damaging for my body and I want my body to live longer.’ Many more mantras like these help a person believe in the weight loss path and they achieve the targets they have set for themselves.

• Visualizing is the key – When you use weight loss hypnosis in Brisbane, your therapist will help you visualize the outcomes of a healthy diet and life. The way athletes are encouraged before the match by visualizing the sight of holding the winning cup, the similar concept works for weight loss as well.

If you want to try hypnotherapy for weight loss in Melbourne, you can reach out to us.

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