How to Automate LinkedIn Messaging: Complete Guide

How to Automate LinkedIn Messaging: Complete Guide
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14 March 2023

We are large believers in sales outreach as a powerful manner to construct a reliable pipeline and develop your commercial enterprise. Yet, its success depends mostly on the 3 key factors: targeting, channels in use, and your ability to scale it.

If the targeting is pretty obvious– the times of the "spray and pray" technique to cold outreach are long gone! – The choice of outreach channels and strategies to ramp up the whole manner may nevertheless be the subject of dialogue.

Whether you firmly agree with e-mail-best outreach or select to smile and dial, each channel can be automatic to increase your reach. But what if you need to get in advance of the opposition and undertake LinkedIn as your sales engagement channel? Automation doesn't appear so smooth in this case. Yet, it's nonetheless possible.

In this article, we'll talk about how to automate LinkedIn messages and help you pick the best automation tool for the job.

Where is LinkedIn in the sales engagement system?

Although emails and phone calls are taken into consideration by the traditional commercial enterprise communication channels, sales prospecting can be completed with the usage of many different tools. Depending on the specifics of your target market, this may be something from text messages to snail mail.

However, social media plays the most vital part through some distance. And seeing that outreach is typically applied in B2B sales, LinkedIn has already emerged as the cross-to platform for most SDRs.

Does LinkedIn send automated messages to the connections?

Well, it depends on what form of automated messages we're discussing. In case you want to set up an auto responder or make the messaging a bit extra set off, LinkedIn gives a set of answers to facilitate that. This includes smart reaction pointers for the brief reply.

If you need to automate LinkedIn messaging at scale, i.e., send a large number of customized messages to your contacts or connect to human beings out of doors of your community, consider using 3rd party tools to orchestrate the process.

We will get to the automation tools recommendation and common process rationalization later. But first, let's cope with the maximum burning question about LinkedIn message automation – its safety.

Is it safe to send Automate LinkedIn messages to your connections?

There are a lot of risks when it comes to LinkedIn automation. Some say that it's a certain way to get your account blocked. Others have been effectively the usage of numerous tools for years with no results.

Technically, any form of LinkedIn automation falls into the don'ts of the platform's User Agreement. This includes the use of "bots or different automated techniques to access the Services, add or download contacts, send redirect messages."

However, thinking about the abundance of LinkedIn automation tools accessible, we are able to state that the policy isn't so strict or it's smooth to pass it. If you do your research at the situation, you can find a ton of information on the way it works to make such tools secure to use.

Without getting into too many technical details, it all relies upon on the platform limits. This may include the range of API calls that the automation tools make when running tasks on LinkedIn to automate such tasks as well as more common limits, e.G., messages and connection requests sent.


See how we take care of LinkedIn limits here.

So, the initial answering question: Yes, sending LinkedIn messages via automation tool may be safe in case you use trusted tools and stay within the platform line to avoid placing off any alarms.

How do I create an automated message on LinkedIn?

Now, permit's get all the way down to commercial enterprise and spot how this works in exercise. First of all, it's worth noting that there are some types of messages you can send via LinkedIn:

  • · InMails that you may send to everybody (as a paid alternative)
  • · direct messages that can be sent to your 1st degree connections ( Free)

You can also include short messages and personalized notes into your connection request with the use of automation tools. Depending on the type of message you need LinkedIn to automate, the templates and information of the method could range.

As stated earlier, you can most effectively send automatic messages on LinkedIn with the use of dedicated third party automation tools. So, the first step of the system would be to connect your LinkedIn account to that tool.

Get a list of contacts you want to message. You can either research the matching potentialities manually or import a toolsed up-made listing from a trusted facts provider. Just make certain the listing includes legitimate LinkedIn profiles.

  • Craft your template based on the type of message you'll be sending. The maximum crucial detail of any outreach message is personalization. Since you will be sending automatic messages, you might need to use customization variables/snippets or advanced personalization options with pics or videos.
  • Set up the collection with automated LinkedIn messages. This entails the schedule – the quantity of messages you want to send to every prospect within the marketing campaign and their frequency.
  • Once you're set, you could release the collection, and it's going to run on autopilot. If the chance responds, maximum equipment will prevent sending automatic messages without delay.

How to choose the quality LinkedIn automation software?

With a few established leaders within the enterprise, new equipment emerges every year (if no longer sector), providing a greater handy, safer, or greater integrated way to automate messages in LinkedIn and orchestrate other sports.


That said, there are a few standards to be aware of when shopping around for a suitable solution:


Safety and limits: It would be best if you were privy to the prevailing platform limits and held them in your thoughts. However, the tool you select ought to provide additional protection nets so you don't get over excited and violate the platform policies.

Types of touch point: With direct messages being a should-have for automation, the capacity to streamline profile perspectives or connection requests is also a manner to diversify your outreach and make it more powerful.

Personalization: There are many methods to make your messages feel warm at scale. This includes variables – merge fields inside the message routinely populated with the relevant statistics – as well as visual elements like pics, videos, or GIFs (3rd party integrations).

Multichannel engagement: As referred to above, LinkedIn outreach is extremely good; however, if used in mixture with email, calls, and other channels, it can be a real recreation-changer.

Integrations: Any automation tool you upload to your stack should work nicely with the relaxation of the tools, be it CRM, statistics sourcing and enrichment, etc.


The world's most popular business networking platform, LinkedIn, is a powerhouse that drives visitors, engages possibilities, builds your reputation, and sells. It offers a ton of chances for SDRs and salespeople. The key right here is to know a way to use them on your good gain. That is why you ought to keep this in mind automation.

Automating your LinkedIn touch points, inclusive of messages, can make a massive distinction on the subject of sales improvement and prospecting. Essentially, it allows you to spend less time contacting potentialities manually and more time constructing nurturing relationships, rapport, and ultimate deals.

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