How To Balance Your Quartz Worktops in Kent With The Rest Of The Kitchen For a Modern Look

How To Balance Your Quartz Worktops in Kent With The Rest Of The Kitchen For a Modern Look
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As important as a kitchen worktop is, it is not enough of a prominent feature to make or break a kitchen's look. At worst, it can be a sore spot to look at; at best, it can complete the kitchen design you’re aiming for.

Today, we’re particularly going to be talking about Quartz Worktops in Kent as they are versatile and how you can use them in your kitchen to create outstanding designs.

A Pink Space

Pink kitchens or even a kitchen with a little pink touch is the rage in 2023. No doubt, quartz is THE perfect worktop with which you can achieve this look. First, you must decide what you want - a pink worktop or cabinets. Besides, both are gorgeous. It is best not to pair them together so that the design doesn’t become too crowded and takes away from the elegance.

Go for Quartz Kitchen Worktops; you can design them perfectly and customize them to suit your cupboards. If you opt for pink cabinets, you should have your quartz worktop made in a light grey sprinkled with chunks of different shades reminiscent of terrazzo tiles.

With a pick worktop, go for grey, white, or even white with a black-speckled pattern for cupboards.

Misty Shades Of Grey

White and minimalistic kitchens have now given way to greyer kitchens. Grey seems to have homeowners in a chokehold the way it spreads like wildfire. Moreover, the amazing thing about grey is that it looks awesome whether you choose gloss or matter. The diverse shades of grey are equally magnificent.

People will tell you it is a neutral palette but don’t believe them. You will find this shade excitingly cool with a yellow or brown base. This makes it warm. Else, combine it with blue undertones to give a cool vibe. After all, it seems it is the year of cooler undertones. And nothing is better than Quartz Kitchen Worktops to bring this idea to life.

While you may not be Mr. Darcy, you can still imagine walking through a misty garden as you enter your kitchen every morning.

Go Bold! Go Black!

Black is making a comeback too! It had been a couple of decades before dark shades used to be a trend, with gothic themes being mainstream. While these gothic harmonies are not back, fortunately, the colours definitely are! The key is to ensure that the kitchen still looks radiant and is not pulled into the dark side by using shady features. Here are a few scenarios where you can achieve this without deadening your entire space.

  • White wall and white Quartz Kitchen Worktops with black wall-to-floor wardrobes. WOW! Also, accentuate the cabinets with gold or bright yellow and non-reflective silver handles. You will find a blend of black and white that can illuminate your kitchen. Besides, black wardrobes on the floor and the wall will work to boost the whiteness of the wall and worktop.
  • All-black kitchen with white Quartz Worktops in Kent is an ideal alternative. If you decide to go with this design, it is highly recommended to pick quartz worktops as it is the only one that can give you the brilliant, white, glossy look to combat all the dark hues. Marble may work as long as you select the right colour.
  • Keep the three walls of the kitchen white, and the furnishings and cabinets on them should be black. Moreover, the remaining wall must be no-frills and entirely black to pull off this look. Go for wooden seating, and you will have an impressive cooking area.

 Black & White

The use of black and white alternately in the kitchen is currently a sensation that is on the rise. With Quartz Worktop you can find near your location, it can be easily customized to fit both of these flawlessly. Whether your kitchen armoir, walls, and floors are matte or gloss, the worktop will blend either way.

Moreover, you can make about a hundred combinations with simply these two hues. Think about this, a mixture of B&W walls and an armoir on the sides, along with a gorgeous kitchen island. Need more? How about a waterfall finish on both sides?!

Want to elevate it a level further? How about a quartz worktop in black and white with a marble effect?

Wood And More

Combining various dimmer colours and some lighter shades with a gorgeous wood finish is another specialty that is quickly becoming popular.

Navy blue wardrobes with a wooden worktop and light blue floor cabinets with wood and glass overhead cabinets are great illustrations. It can even merge well with off-white and cream cupboards with wooden accents.

Also, if you’re wary of taking care of a wooden worktop, Quartz Worktop is the best choice. Besides, you can make it with a matte or any other textured finish to look like wood.

Look for the Standalone Shelving

Another great kitchen trend of 2023 you are going to love is standalone shelves and furnishings. You can add to the end of your sideboards or other kitchen areas!

While some people have fit in a small china cabinet to achieve this look, you can go for any design you like. Besides, one has many options in the market today. Standalone shelves made of metal, bamboo, wood, and even stainless are great picks.

Freestanding cascading shelves can be a superb spot for your kitchen herbs. You can store stuff in wicker baskets. Further, one can get hanging S-hooks for pans and spatulas and even baskets for storing fruits and vegetables.


No doubt, Quartz Worktops are highly popular for stylish kitchens! It is the one worktop you can use no matter what trend you prefer for your kitchen. To find the best Quartz Worktops in Kent, get to Slabs & Stones Ltd., and you will find the dream countertop you need for a kitchen.

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