How to Buy a Portuguese/Swedish Driver's Licence? 6 Steps to Follow!

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16 November 2022


You love travelling! You want to see the world and experience different cultures. Maybe you've been dreaming of living in Sweden or Portugal, but you're not quite sure how to get your legal documents in order.

Here's the good news: It's a lot easier than you think. This article will walk you through the steps of buying a new driver's licence from either country, step by step!

1. Go online

To buy a driver's licence online, you'll need to go to the official website of the country you want to buy from. In this case, we'll focus on Portugal and Sweden.

After that, click on the 'buy' button. Then find your chosen country in the list of countries and choose the one that applies for your situation: if you're buying a licence for yourself or for someone else (son/daughter).

Once you've selected everything correctly and put in all necessary information into their form (name/address/date of birth), then press "Next". You'll need to pay for it using either Visa or Mastercard or even PayPal if you want them without having any other card connected with them at all!

2. Pick your country

It's time to pick your country. If you are European, then we recommend that you choose Sweden. If you don't have European citizenship and want to go for a driver's licence in Europe, we recommend that you choose Portugal.

Both countries are located in the same region: North Europe or Western Europe (depending on who is doing the classification). Both countries have similar climates with mild summers and cold winters. Both countries also have similar languages: Portuguese and Swedish respectively.

If one decides to get a driver's licence in either country, there shouldn't be any problems understanding each other when communicating verbally - although one does need some basic knowledge of both languages before starting off their journey of learning how to drive safely without getting into trouble with law enforcement agencies!

3. Fill in the application form

After you have decided to comprar carta de condução portuguesa, the first thing you will have to do is fill in the application form. All fields must be filled in correctly and all documents that are required by the seller should be attached. If any information on your documents is incorrect or missing, it can cause problems later on during or after your purchase.

So make sure that everything is accurate! If possible, translate all documents that are not in English before submitting them to the seller; otherwise they may reject them as invalid and not allow you to complete your purchase. Check all of your documents thoroughly before presenting them for verification; make sure their information matches what was written down on the application form.

Make sure all of your personal details are correct: full name (as printed on identification), date of birth (as printed on identification), gender and country of residence (both as printed on identification). Also ensure that photos used for passport photos match exactly with those included in passport pages themselves - this helps avoid delays during shipping time since both parties need valid proof of identity before making final arrangements with each other!

4. Choose a licence type

Now that you've decided to köp svenska körkort online, it's time to choose the type of licence you want. You can choose from one of three types:

  • Class A - truck drivers
  • Class B - passenger vehicles and light trucks
  • Class C - motorcycles

5. Pick a delivery method

When you first log in to the exclusive program, you will be asked to pick a delivery method. There are two options: which country you want your licence delivered to and how quickly it should be delivered. If you choose the first option, you can select either of the following:

  • Dutch - Your licence will be sent directly to your home address in the Netherlands. It’s a great option if you live here already and need an official translation for some reason (e.g., renewing your driver’s licence).
  • Portuguese/Swedish - If this is where it was issued originally, we recommend choosing this option since it will cost less than having it shipped overseas later on after receiving payment confirmation via email!

6. Wait for the delivery

The next step is to wait for the delivery. The licence will arrive in your mailbox, email or social media account. It's best to check all three places because sometimes the post office won't deliver something if you don't pick it up and they'll send it back. If this happens, try again later.

If you're in a hurry, go to your local post office and ask them how long they expect it will take before they deliver the package home because maybe it's waiting for you there!

Get a new licence and enjoy your new life!

Getting a new driver's licence can be exciting. And when you get your new driver's licence, it will open up a whole new world of possibilities for you. You'll be able to do more things and go places and explore what life has in store for you.

If you follow these 6 steps, then we guarantee that you'll get a new driver's licence and enjoy your new life. You just need to follow the instructions carefully.


Remember that buying a driver’s licence from a foreign country is not always easy, but it is doable. With the right information and preparation, you can get your hands on your own Swedish or Portuguese driver’s licence in no time!

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