How to Buy the Right Thong Type

How to Buy the Right Thong Type
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The thong is a highly divisive item of underwear that often elicits one of two emotions: a shout it from the rooftops kind of ardent love or full and utter disdain. While the latter group may determine that's the only type of underwear they'll ever want to wear, the former group frequently declares vehemently against even considering it. Some people only wear it when necessary to complete an outfit. It is essential to find the ideal Strap Thong type and ensure it fits properly and is made of a suitable material. Read below to learn how to wear a thong.

What is a thong?

Thongs are often made of material that covers only the front and leaves the rear bare. 

There are other versions of the design, like the classic full coverage thong with a wider waistband and a strip of fabric up to 1 inch wide. Another example is the g-string type, which normally has a much smaller waistband (sometimes just a strap or string) and a strip of fabric that can be as little as 14 inches.  

Finding the right thong 

Spend some time thinking about the thong's size, style, and material, and you're likely to find a better fit rather than assuming the style is uncomfortable.

Find the right size.

Thongs usually offer minimal flexibility in terms of sizing. A thong that is too big could ride up or protrude over pants, which would be counterproductive. It will be uncomfortable if it is too tiny. Take a moment to measure yourself, then compare the results to your underwear size chart to ensure they match. Feel free to give it a shot and see if it results in a more comfortable fit for you. Some ladies do discover that they prefer bigger thongs.

Find the right style.

You may have hated a g-string style thongs in the past. Explore the several types of thongs, such as more classic or even tanga/samba styles, which typically have more material at the top of your backside, a thicker waistband, and greater overall coverage. There are more types of underwear in this category besides one skimpy kind. This type, which resembles a cross between a thong and a standard panty, may be a good option to get used to the fit and feel.

Find the right fabric.

Thongs are made from a range of materials in addition to having many different styles. Lace, silk, and satin make a special occasion thong feel more sensual. In comparison, some people prefer simple cotton's usefulness, comfort, and breathability. The possibility of the dreaded "muffin top," which is brought on by too-tight elastic, especially in g-string styles, can also be reduced by choosing materials with some flexibility.

Final thoughts

Whether you buy thongs regularly or only when it is essential, find the fit and design that is comfortable and suitable with your Full Cup Bra.

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