How to choose a non-slip mat?

How to choose a non-slip mat?
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03 April 2023

The anti-slip mat is an essential product in a large number of industrial fields for all matters relating to the safety of personnel. Concretely, a non-slip mat aims to reduce the risk of falls and slips considerably, thus helping avoid employee injuries. There are many types of coating, use, and material, and it is essential to know the differences to make your choice.

What types of non-slip mats exist?

Non-slip coatings have a surface that may differ depending on the model. Indeed, some will have a surface with bubbles/pellets, and others will have a ribbed surface. The surface will, above all, provide comfort and an aesthetic side while guaranteeing non-slip properties. What will significantly differentiate the non-slip mats will be the material of the mat and the recommended use.

Most non-slip mats are rubber or nitrile. Rubber mats are absorbent and can withstand certain liquids, but nitrile mats are more suitable for resisting oils, lubricants, etc. Regardless of the material, the grip and non-slip properties are excellent.

The use of the carpet is also going to be an essential factor. Indeed, some are suitable for industry (flooring, non-slip surfaces for staff safety, etc.). In contrast, others are more suitable for traffic ( non-slip surface for vehicle traffic, non-slip and absorbent surface for shops). Some mats can also be used on a work surface to cover a drawer where tools will be stored on a bench.

As you will have understood, in addition to the coating and the material, non-slip grey shaggy rug sometimes have a particular use that is important to consider before making the purchase.

Benefits of non-slip mats.

  1. Non-slip mats have several advantages:
  2. Prevents the risk of falls and slips
  3. Allows you to absorb certain liquids depending on the material of the mat
  4. Some mats act as acoustic and thermal insulators.
  5. Abrasion resistant
  6. Easy cleaning
  7. Anti-fatigue and non-slip properties

Anti-fatigue mat or non-slip mat, how do you choose?

Anti-fatigue mats are particularly fascinating, thanks to their long-term effects, because they prevent a certain number of MSDs ( Musculoskeletal Disorders ) in the long term. This reduces the risk of injury and, therefore, of sick leave for employees, making it possible to avoid loss of money for companies, hence the interest in taking care of its staff. Most anti-fatigue mats have anti-slip properties, even if this is not their primary use.

Non-slip mats can also have anti-fatigue properties but will have the advantage of being usable in many more areas. Indeed, anti-fatigue mats are specially designed to relieve staff standing at the same workstation for several hours. On the other hand, non-slip mats can be placed in different places to prevent falls and slips, create a non-slip surface in traffic (vehicle or people), repair a damaged floor, cover a work surface, and store drawers.

Anti-slip mats are more versatile than anti-fatigue mats, and to get a clearer idea, I invite you to review the section on the advantages of anti-slip mats.We've also written an article that walks you through the three best places to put an anti-slip mat to give you an idea of ​​what you can do with these products.

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