How To Choose A Small Lock And A Small Key Slot

How To Choose A Small Lock And A Small Key Slot
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Dealing with small key slots is one of the trickiest parts of learning how to pick a lock; generally speaking, the more area there is for you to move a tool inside the key slot, the simpler it will be to open the lock, and small locks and small key slots make things more difficult. This guide will show you how to pick small locks and small key slots and how to install and use your equipment in the smallest of spaces. You can purchase Lock Pick Set you need at

Three common approaches to miniature keyways

Reduces the space the lock takes up in the keyway

The first approach is to utilize a lock pick with a slimmer profile; Peterson's Hook 2 or Snake Rake are two examples. Use a lock with a "Euro shank" as your second choice. Lower handle heights on Euro-style locksets provide us greater space to use them. Finally, we can employ a "slender," or lock with a finer gauge. Contrary to popular belief, you should never choose a thinner lockset over a narrow keyway. Tiny keyholes increase the likelihood that your now-thinner, more delicate locks will catch and break.

Change tension

The second way we opted for tiny keyways is to reduce the amount of "free space" our tension wrenches take up. The easiest solution here is to place your tensioning tool somewhere it will never interfere with your pick - such as on top of the keyway. If the keyway is too small to pick and tension at the same time, a creative option is to coat the outside of the keyway with an epoxy tensioning tool.

Direct Lift vs. Leverage

The final technique, which involves using your pickaxe to elevate needles, will only be useful for single needle pickups. The first technique involves physically lifting the pick, which helps you get the most selection feedback but takes up a lot of space in the keyway. Leveraged lifting is an alternative to direct lifting. This occurs when you utilize your tension wrench, the guard, or even the bottom of the keyway as a fulcrum for your pick. This kind of lift maximizes the use of your pick and is the best approach to enter smaller, more narrow keyways.

Best Micro Lock

ABUS titanium alloy 64TI/40

The Abus Titalium 64TI/40 is the first micro training lock you ought to think about purchasing. This 40mm lock has a medium-sized keyway and four standard pins. You will learn a lot about using dowels in small spaces from this excellent introduction to tiny keyways.

Abuse 55/40

The ABUS 55/40 is a gorgeous tiny training lock with three exquisitely carved bobbin pins and a four pin core. You can learn a lot about lever lifting by manipulating the spool pin on this lock.One of the most difficult parts of learning to pick a lock is dealing with small locks and key holes, but by accepting the challenge and taking on these challenging locks head-on, you can learn a lot about lockpicking tools. Visit to see our wide variety of Lock Picking if you're curious about the many types of locks.

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