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02 December 2022

Are you wondering to hire an interior designer for your project, but you need to learn more about modern interior designing in Dubai and get a way to start? There are a lot of questions that come to your mind and make you confused about the colors and furniture selections. That’s why in this blog, we will help you get started and hire the right interior designer for your project.

Interior Decorator or Interior Designer

You need to understand the fact first that both interior decorator and interior designer plays a different role in your project. They both have different expertise and specializations. A decorator focuses on the furnishings and embellishments of interior space.

However, interior designers also have the same skills, as they must beautify a space effectively. Additionally, an educated interior designer is responsible for drawing floor plans, and elevations, and determining where walls, doors, and windows should be located.

Also, the core focus of the design work includes the safety and security of the people who are living in the space and the visitors as well.

Contrasting interior decorators, interior designers work carefully with architects and structural engineers. For the designing phase of the project, they need to work closely. As a result, they continue the construction work more efficiently.

Without any doubt, education and experience are the most important thing that plays a vital role. A designer should have enough expertise to provide quality service to all the clients and make them fully satisfied.

There are many people who are working in the interior designing field and have no idea what exactly it is. They don't have formal education and don’t know much about material selection and color implementation. You need to avoid these kinds of unprofessional people, they only create problems for you and your project.

Examine the Type of Project Carefully

It’s essential to find out the type of project first. Before finding an interior design that suits well on your project, it’s necessary to identify the project requirements.

  1. Do you need the support of professionals for selecting furnishings for an existing house, remodel, additions, or a new build?
  2. Does color really excite you and everyone in your family? Do you need a professional to help you select colors and finish the materials for fixing everything properly?
  3. Looking for someone to design a floor plan for a remodel, addition, or new construction?
  4. Do you know about the floor plan for your project or do you need to contact the professionals?

How to find the Right Interior Designer?

Choosing an interior designer is not a piece of cake, you need to know the scope of the work for your project and finalize the designer on the bases of skill set, experience, and education. They should have technical project information that requires to complete the entire project effectively.

You can take a step into interior designing and start by asking friends and family. But keep in mind don’t limit yourself to just one recommendation or saying. Spend more time on the research. As you know Google never leaves you alone, you can find everything on Google and finds the answer to your every question. Produce some great leads and work hard at the start.

Social media plays a significant role in helping you decide better. Spend more time on possible leads and visits to multiple websites and social media pages. Take advantage of those sources as much as you can. Through the sources provided on their website, contact them if they seem like a good match for your project and you feel excited about the possibility of working with them.

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Things to Keep in Mind

At the time reviewing the website of related leads, take a look for more information and services they are providing you. Check the experience and knowledge they have.

  1. When you are reviewing the social media pages, examine that are you liked their brand or not. Do they showcase things properly? Remember that most designers are multifaceted and can design in a variety of genres, so it might not be possible to see exactly the look you want on their website.
  2. Take a look at why they do this all and what is the reason behind everything they are posting. From this, you will understand the passion and see the drive of work.
  3. See the list of specializations, qualifications, experience, and certifications. This will greatly help you and makes you more satisfied.
  4. Ask them to share all the projects that they have completed successfully. Do they have testimonials to show you?
  5. Are they more comfortable collaborating closely with their clients or prefer to be left alone to do what they do?

The Connection with your Personality

  1. It's hard to tell if you'll develop a good rapport in a single conversation, but try your best. Who do they seem to be? What do they seem like? Are you easygoing? Assertive? Bossy? Confident? Think about how you, and your partner (if applicable), will react to that type of personality.
  2. Think about the connection between you and your designer, do you get that vibe or not? Do you enjoy their company or not? The right match would not be for you if they wear on you for any reason. Even in the best of circumstances, design projects can be stressful. It is common for projects to last for months or even years. Furthermore, there are tons of deadlines and a million decisions to make. You should choose someone who is both calm and assertive.
  3. Listening power is a great thing, check this aspect on your designer and see do they listen to your every requirement effectively.
  4. Try to communicate more with them and examine their communication skills. Find a chance to connect with every single person on the team and check everything appropriately.
  5. Are they working as a team or not? Do they have a unity that makes you feel comfortable? How well do they all perform on your property?

How soon do you need the support of a Professional Interior Designer?

Many people are confused about their project and finding an answer to how soon they need the support of professionals. The simple answer to this question is, ‘’as soon as possible’’. Don’t wait longer and take help from professionals quickly. They become a great resource in guiding you through the entire process and helping you get your project completed immediately.

Construction projects benefit from the early involvement of an interior designer. The ability to blend form and function is a skill that interior designers possess. As a result, they will see things that would otherwise go unnoticed, and they will be able to offer solutions and ideas. Including them when the project is still on paper will ensure the best outcome for your project.

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Convey your Style Effectively

Asked them to provide you with concept and inspiration photos, so you’ll get an idea and understand the beauty of the project. It's more about a general feel than resemblance. Always remember, that a skilled designer has the knowledge and experience to interpret the style you want and duplicate it more effectively. They never make it the same for you. They understand the value of uniqueness and make custom design for you.

However, if you want to make your home look more elegant and beautiful, you can look for the best wooden flooring options. A designer will guide you properly on this and helps you choose the best option that meets your requirements. You just need to share everything you want with them.

What are the Benefits of Working with an Interior Designer?

Design fees can indeed vary significantly from project to project, but in general, they are a small percentage of the overall project cost and can add tremendous value to your project. There are many benefits to working with a designer, but here are just a few. Have a look and gain knowledge

  1. They have the knowledge to deal with multiple kinds of problems and solve them all in just seconds.
  2. They offer you cost-effective solutions and prevent mistakes that you commonly made.
  3. Providing specifics in drawings, details, selection list, etc. comprehensively. Contractors and subcontractors will appreciate this approach because it eliminates guesswork and makes it easy to understand the complete picture.
  4. They can see the broad scope of the project and helps you avoid common problems.
  5. They can relate to the spaces and gives you more innovative ideas.
  6. Offer you the perfect functionality, flow, and great livability.
  7. Integration of more design professionals
  8. Helps you get trade discounts
  9. Reduce problems that give birth to stress and select the materials widely.
  10. Bring knowledge and experience that assure successful results.
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