How to choose an outdoor rug?

How to choose an outdoor rug?
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In summer, our outdoor terraces and balconies become real living spaces. That's why we're trying to beautify these spaces and make them more welcoming! Why not choose an outdoor rug? With a stone, two arrows sublimates and protects it!

Carpet for my terrace: what are the advantages?

A large garden, a beautiful terrace, a small swimming pool or an urban balcony, outdoor carpets are trendy. They're as beautiful as they are practical, how can you resist?

Handmade Pakistani rugs for sale are highly valued for their quality and beauty, and are considered some of the finest handmade carpets in the world. They are typically made using high-quality wool and feature intricate designs and patterns, often inspired by traditional motifs and symbols.

Outdoor rug for an original and modular decoration!

Indeed, this decorative element will bring a touch of fantasy, color and comfort to your interior. Who doesn't dream of bringing the comfort of their living room into their garden? How about spicing up your simple terrace with a summery touch of color?

On the other hand, they are generally perfectly adaptable: decorate your garden in spring and summer, you can also enjoy them indoors in winter or autumn! They will decorate the living room, the dining room and the kitchen, but also the terrace or the swimming pool!

My outdoor rug: resistant, practical and responsible!

Then again, they're not THAT cool! These outdoor floors are both decoration and protection for chic outdoor floors. As a result, your terrace made of wood, natural stone or smooth concrete is completely preserved!

They are also UV and weather resistant and washable, practical and durable with a long service life. Indoors, their natural look is compatible with underfloor heating and their durable material ensures good heat and sound insulation!

Simply vacuum it once a week to keep it dust-free and shake it vigorously 2-3 times a year to fully clean it and make it long-lasting. Or put them in the washing machine if their material allows it. Simple and practical!

Finally, they are also often made from recycled materials or natural fibers that grow back very easily, such as algae or sisal, and they are also eco-friendly!

In short, these garden carpets have it all!

What size should I choose for my outdoor rug?

There are no limits to your imagination! To ensure your lawn carpet fits perfectly, it comes in all shapes, sizes and shapes! From the most refined shapes (rectangular, square, round, etc.) to the most original (oval, floral, personalized, etc.).). Something that fits into the most unusual or tight spaces!

Standard garden rugs for outdoor furniture.

Rectangular, square or round rugs are references for layout and decoration. Traditional shapes are timeless classics!

What could be simpler than a rug with classic geometric shapes that adapt to any room in the house... and the garden? You know it placed casually at the foot of the living room, you will find it dazzling under a table with garden furniture or an outdoor relaxation area.!

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