How To Choose The Perfect Lighting Fixtures For Industries?

How To Choose The Perfect Lighting Fixtures For Industries?
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Industrial lighting fixtures are very different from those in a residential or commercial space. Industrial facilities are involved in many tasks, and there is a multitude of machines to use. There is always a chance that your lighting fixture can get exposed to dangerous gases and contaminants. Since hundreds of workers are working at the factory, you need to consider getting industrial lighting fixtures, not the regular lights you see. Contact industrial outdoor light manufacturers because they have the best lighting solutions for you! As additional help, we have jotted down how to select industrial lighting fixtures for your factory or any industrial setup. Let’s get started! 

The Features That an Industrial Lighting Fixture Needs To Have 

Lighting fixtures ought to have some features. Since they’re not the regular lights you use, you have to look for the special features that make them fit for industrial setups. 

  • Industrial setups have large open spaces and high ceilings, and the nature of work is risky, so choose a lighting solution accordingly. 
  • You want lights that are bright enough to let the workers work efficiently. Poor lighting could give rise to mistakes while working. 
  • You want a lighting system to withstand harsh weather conditions like dust and moisture. 
  • Lighting will also be exposed to heavy machinery and mobile equipment, so remember that you need something that stays unaffected by this equipment. 
  • There is sensitive equipment in the factory. If you have poor-quality lighting, the equipment may get damaged. 
  • You want explosion-proof lighting. The light fixtures should be unaffected by harmful gases. You don’t want to risk your worker’s life because of sparks and explosions in the factory. 

A lot of people depend on you. They are not just dependent on you for salary, but they also expect safe working conditions. If you want better productivity from the workers, it is important to install industrial lights that are functional and safe. 

Different Kinds of Industrial Lighting Applications 

There are two kinds - task lighting and area lighting. Area lighting includes low-bay and high-bay applications. Open spaces or warehouses need high-power lights that can offer heaps of illumination. 

Task lighting is meant to augment or dim the area lighting to only provide illumination where the work is going on. You have to bring the light source closer to the workstation. For example, someone who has to pay attention to the details needs task lighting. 

What To Consider When Purchasing Industrial Lighting? 

Lighting products are designed to withstand tough conditions, especially in an industrial setup. You have to look for three things in industrial lighting. The light should be resistant to oil, dust, and water. Let’s say you need light fixtures for a space that has frozen products. When the temperature is too low, the basic lights of your home won’t cut it. It would help if you had specific industrial lights unaffected by the drop or rise in temperature. 

The light fixture should also be resistant to vibration. Constant vibration can reduce the life of certain lighting fixtures, but industrial ones are meant to last. 

Third, you can look for LED solutions because they are energy-efficient. Industries run a major electricity bill because of all the machinery being run, but when you have LED lighting solutions, your bills go down too. 

As we mentioned before, the lights you see in commercial and residential spaces are very different. These lights are only meant for illumination and aesthetics. Industries do not have a requirement to improve aesthetics. They need functional lights that offer illumination and an extra layer of safety. Workers need illumination to work efficiently, and the lights should have a thick casing so that gases, humidity, temperature drop or rise cannot affect the efficiency of these. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Regular lights that we use at home or in office spaces are decorative. Even if you use basic lights with no visual appeal, they are still unsuitable for industrial space. That’s because regular lights cannot handle heat or moisture. You will be inviting trouble if you install standard lights in an industrial space. 

An industry like pharmaceuticals uses all kinds of methods to create medications. How will regular lights handle fumes, moisture, and other extreme temperatures? 

So, if you keep these few things in mind, you can purchase the best industrial lights for your factory. 

Choose a legit manufacturer for industrial lighting fixtures. Don’t take any chances! You must’ve understood the difference between commercial, residential, and industrial light fixtures. Getting the best lighting fixture is needed for industrial setups.

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