How to cure a hangover fast | Hangover cure powder

How to cure a hangover fast | Hangover cure powder
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A hangover is a collection of symptoms that arise as a result of excessive alcohol consumption. These symptoms can include fatigue, weakness, thirst, headache, muscle aches, nausea, stomach pain, dizziness, sensitivity to light and sound, anxiety, irritability, sweating, and increased blood pressure.

It's important to note that the severity and specific symptoms can vary from person to person. Despite the longstanding issue of hangovers, science has not yet identified a definitive cure. Various remedies have been proposed, including drinking water, consuming certain foods, taking pain relievers, or engaging in rest and sleep.

However, the effectiveness of these remedies varies, and the best approach to alleviating hangover symptoms is to drink alcohol in moderation or avoid excessive consumption altogether.

What causes hangover symptoms?

There are plenty of happening in the body after you consume excessive alcohol that results in a hangover:


Alcohol reduces fluids in the body through excessive urination and suppression of a key neuro hormone that alerts the kidneys to retain the liquid in the body—the concomitant dehydration results in thirst, fatigue, and headache in the hangover-affected person. 

Disturbed sleep: 

The obstruction in the normal sleep cycle of a person due to alcohol consumption the night before results in fatigue and tiredness, ultimately leading to lost productivity.

Abnormality in the stomach: 

Alcohol consumption leads to acid release, which causes nausea and stomach discomfort.


Excessive alcohol consumption leads to facial swelling, resulting in inflammation in the body. It is also a symptom of a hangover. 

Acetaldehyde exposure: 

Alcohol badly affects the metabolism, creating a toxic compound called acetaldehyde. This harmful compound has a short life but causes serious inflammation in the liver, pancreas, brain, gastrointestinal tract, and other organs. 

Withdrawal Symptoms: 

Alcohol raises dopamine levels in the brain, making a person feel elevated, jubilant, and excited after consumption. However, when the intoxication of alcohol reaches its end, and a person enters the withdrawal stage, it results in low feelings, anxiety, and restlessness. 

What other substances contribute to a hangover

Alcohol is the main culprit in causing a hangover. However, other components of alcoholic beverages cause may cause or worsen the hangover. Among these, the following two are the most important ones. 


These compounds are a byproduct of alcohol production, giving spirits a typical smell and taste. Darker shades have high levels of congeners that could worsen hangover symptoms.


These compounds are preservatives in alcoholic beverages like wine. A minority is allergic to this compound, and when they consume it, they experience headaches.

Which chemical compounds are essential to cure hangovers faster

The following six compounds, when consumed during a hangover, can make a difference in relieving a person from the symptoms of a hangover:

Milk thistle: 

It is an ancient herb that is frequently used in hangover recovery drinks. It protects the liver from toxins, protecting the person from hangover effects. 


It again works by detoxifying the liver, thereby proving effective in safeguarding the liver from harmful consumption of alcohol. 


Excessive consumption of alcohol eats out your repository of Vitamin B. This essential nutrient keeps a person active and energized, and its deficiency makes them lazy and exhausted. 

Thiamine plays an important role in its restoration to normal levels. This results in a person feeling refreshed and active. 

Pyridoxine is a vitamin essential for the normal functioning of the stomach and related immune system. It gets especially compromised due to alcohol consumption resulting in stomach discomfort. Its restoration relieves hangover-stricken people by reverberating the stomach to the normal level.


An essential mineral that gets drained due to excessive alcohol consumption is the primary reason for feeling dehydrated and nauseating. 

No hangover recovery drink can be effective in curing a hangover if it does not contain ingredients responsible for restoring the electrolyte levels in the blood to normal. 


Plenty of compounds fall in the category of antioxidants. However, lipoid acid, ascorbic acid, and Vitamin E are the most important antioxidants in shielding the body from the aftermath of excessive alcohol consumption. 


The severity of a hangover differs from person to person. The same amount of alcohol consumption affects females more than males, and older people experience more severe hangover symptoms than younger ones. Each individual has a different appetite and tolerance toward alcohol intake, which also makes a difference. 

Furthermore, there is no magic cure for getting rid of a hangover. Sayings like drinking a glass of alcohol in the morning after excessive drinking at night can relieve a person of a hangover. 

Or those who say a cup of black coffee and a cold shower can eradicate the symptoms of a hangover. Abundant research exists relating to alcohol consumption and hangovers; none has proved or recommended a particular remedy for hangover elimination. 

Although alcohol has been consumed since prehistoric times, recent advancements in research and technology and the tenacious quest of scientists to invent a solution to hangover relief have given birth to numerous hangover recovery drinks. 

These contain most of the essential compounds and minerals mentioned above to catalyze the process of bringing people to be normal after the previous night of excessive drinking. 

One among many solutions is one-2oomany hangover recovery drink. It is free from any genetically modified ingredients, and all the essential compounds necessary for a hangover cure are added to this drink in vegan form. 

It is cautiously kept free from allergy-causing molecules like gluten and soy. Lastly, it comes with tasty fresh fruit flavors and can be a person's best shot at getting over a hangover faster.

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